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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is an American science fiction series about a pilot and soldier who is transported to the future. The series follows Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) who finds himself in the future and must try and fit in but while doing so must help the people of the 25th century by protecting the planet from inbound threats from aliens and people from other planets. His pilot skills serve him well as he uses his 20th century abilities to protect the people of the new world he has traveled to.
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Richard Caffey, John G. Stephens, Jock Gaynor, David J. O'Connell
Voiced By:
Mel Blanc, Jeff David, Vic Perrin, Bob Elyea, Eric Server, Olan Soule, Ron Gans
Narrated By:
William Conrad
Glen A. Larson, Leslie Stevens
Glen A. Larson, Leslie Stevens, Norman Hudis, Robert C. Dille, Philip Francis Nowlan, Aubrey Solomon, Bob Mitchell, Esther Mitchell, Anne Collins, Paul Schneider, Alan Brennert, Margaret Schneider, David Carren, Francis Moss, Bill Taylor, Calvin Clements Jr., D.C. Fontana, Stephen McPherson, Richard Fontana, Kathleen Barnes
Universal Pictures
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