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Little Book of Enigma and the Code-breakers The Germans believed they had a secret weapon that would give them a crucial advantage over the Allies: Enigma. This cipher machine allowed the German High Command to exchange coded messages with its forces in the field. As this enabled the German military to act as a single co-ordinated entity, it gave them the basis for Blitzkrieg, the lightning war that overwhelmed Eastern Europe and then France. The code was thought to be unbreakable because it was transmitted and received via complex Enigma machines.
It immediately became a priority for the Allies to crack the code so they could monitor German troop movements, track their ships and submarines, and prepare for the Luftwaffe s strategy against the RAF and their bombing campaign on London. The task of breaking Enigma was handled by teams at Bletchley Park. This is the story of how they exploited weaknesses in the machine itself and took advantage of errors made by the German operators. By cracking the code, the men and women at the park shortened the war by at least two years and saved five million lives. Secret War DVD CHRISTINE GRANVILLE: POLISH SPY Christine Granville was Britain s finest female spy. For five years in the Second World War, she regularly risked her life to arm the resistance and to bring back information crucial to victory over Germany. Compared to most other female agents who were often quickly caught, Christine evaded capture and never compromised other agents in the field. AGENT GARBO This is the true story of the ultimate double agent; the spy who saved D-Day. Early in WWII the British embassy in Madrid rejected Spaniard Juan Pujol s offers of help. So, pretending to be an ardent fascist, he went to work for the Germans. He dreamed up a Britain-wide network of German spies that didn t exist. The Germans believed in the bogus spy network so completely that now the British employed him as a double agent, code name Garbo! THE ARISTOCRAT & THE BALKAN COMMUNIST This is the story of a wartime gamble that paid off. How a Scottish aristocrat befriended a ruthless communist and formed the unlikeliest of coalitions.
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