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4h 57min
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Ichiko gets lucky a lot. She's rich, beautiful, smart, stacked, and better than you at everything. But there's a reason life always goes her way: she unwittingly steals happiness energy from everyone else! Momiji - a poverty god with a freakishly huge syringe and a bunch of oddball charms - has to take Ichiko's extra good fortune and return it to her various victims of circumstance. Like an Adderall-raddled cat-and-mouse chase in a funhouse full of pop culture references, the spirit of shortcomings and her self-absorbed subject stick each other with jabs, gags, bizarre bets, and dirty tricks aplenty. It's a side-splitting ride, and everyone's seatbelt is defective.
But how many blows to the ego can Ichiko take before she grows a sympathy gland and stops hogging all the happiness?
Yôichi Fujita,
Yoshikazu Beniya, Justin Cook, Carly Hunter, Masatoshi Morita, Tomoyuki Saito
Voiced By:
Colleen Clinkenbeard, Kana Hanazawa, Michelle Lee, Joel McDonald, Brina Palencia, Yumi Uchiyama, Clay Wheeler, Michelle Rojas, Clifford Chapin, Ben Charlson, Marie Charlson, Patrick Seitz, Yoshihisa Kawahara, Keith Kubal, Barrett Nash, Kent Williams, Chris Burnett, Jessica Cavanagh, Corey Cleary-Stoner, Todd Haberkorn
Kento Shimoyama, Yoshiaki Sukeno
Binbogami Ga!
Manga Entertainment
Anime & Animation
Release Date:
Run Time:
297 minutes
English, Japanese
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
1. Are You Sure You Haven't Confused Being a God of Flat-Brokeness with Being a God of Flat-Chestedness?
2. This, Indeed, Has the "The Battle Between God and Girl Now Begins" Feel to It
3. Taking Orders from You Kinda Ticks Me Off!!! What Do You Mean, Kinda?!!
4. He Shrank, Didn't He?!
5. Which One of Us Is Flat-Chested, Again? Hm? Hm?! Hm!!?
6. Open Your Eye-es!!!!
7. Is This That So-Called Boy-Raised-As-a-Girl Pattern?
- Special Features
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
8. Call Me by My Name
9. Eh?! You Said, 'After All This'?!"
10. It's Like Secretly Mixing Pumpkin Into a Stew in Order to Feed It to a Child Who Hates Pumpkin
11. ...Who Are You?!
12. Sometime, Call Me by My Name
13. You Already Have the Answer to That
- Special Features

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