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Kind of The Hill is another animation hit from Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, who also voices the starring character Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas. In this series, Peggy tries to spruce up the front yard by purchasing a lawn gnome, much to Hank's dismay. Bill and Boomhauer discover the pleasures of a deep fryer, Whilst Bobby and Joseph find a way to override Hank's channel block! As Hank recovers from accompaning cotton and Bill to Mexico, hank reacts with horror when Bill Hoins a man's chorus; and Peggy challenges Bobby to game of video pong and that's and that's just the half of it!
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Voiced By:
Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Johnny Hardwick, Stephen Root, Joanna Gleason, David Herman, Henry Winkler, Brittany Murphy, Toby Huss, Ashley Gardner, Jonathan Joss, Marion Ross, Sal Lopez, Danny Trejo, Beth Grant, Cynthia Mann, Ernie Grunwald, Scott Klace, Breckin Meyer
Greg Daniels, Mike Judge
Greg Daniels, Mike Judge, Alan R. Cohen, Jim Dauterive, Alan Freedland, Kit Boss, Tony Gama-Lobo, Rebecca May, Dan McGrath, Jonathan Collier, Garland Testa, Etan Cohen, Christy Stratton, Dan Sterling, Michael Jamin, Sivert Glarum
Medium Rare
TV Animated Comedies, TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Dramas
Release Date:
Run Time:
328 minutes
English Dolby Digital Stereo
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
1. A Rover Runs Through It
2. Ms. Wakefield
3. Death Buys a Timeshare
4. Yard, She Blows!
5. Dale to the Chief
6. The Petriot Act
7. Enrique-cilable Differences
8. Mutual of OmAbwah
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
9. Care-Takin' Care of Business
10. Arlen City Bomber
11. Redcorn Gambles With His Future
12. Smoking and the Bandit
13. Gone With the Windstorm
14. Bobby On Track
15. It Ain't Over Till The Fat Neighbour Sings

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Critic review

King of the Hill: Series 9 review by Mark McPherson - Cinema Paradiso

Series 9 marks the turning point when King of the Hill started to falter in its episodes. The stories became wilder scenarios more akin to a Simpsons set up. More importantly, however, the executions just don’t turn out a lot of humor for all the opportunities presented in such events. It’s the first time when King of the Hill felt as though it was seriously struggling for the funny.

"A Rover Runs Through It" is pretty much the country episode, where the Hills visit Peggy’s family in Montana. There’s talk of how celebrities encroach on the land and ruin cattle farming, accompanied by a lukewarm cameo of Henry Winkler playing himself. "Ms. Wakefield" is the bizarre Christmas episode where the former tenant of the Hill household wants her dying wish to die in their home. "Death Buys a Timeshare" features Cotton being conned out of his retirement money by buying a Mexican timeshare that will be worthless, forcing Hank to swoop in and fix everything. There’s a garden gnome episode in "Yard, She Blows!" where Hank is freaked out by such an addition to his lawn by Peggy.

The one episode that feels as though it has more to say is "Dale to the Chief", an episode where Dale becomes pro-government and Hank finds himself enraged by a system that gets his driver’s license incorrect. There’s some interesting questioning present about security, privacy, and patriotism going too far. This is countered, however, with the next episode of "The Petriot Act", where Hank Hill unwittingly adopts a soldier’s cat during his tour. Once more, Hank is betrayed by the system and spends little time questioning it so much as finding loopholes.

There’s a lot of deeply uncomfortable episodes as in "Enrique-cilable Differences", where Hank’s co-worker of Enrique faces a crumbling marriage and spends far too much times with the Hills. It feels like there should be some commentary of how men are uncomfortable talking about these feelings where the love is gone and they feel lonely. Hank’s solution, however, is too ignore it and ignore a man crying out for his help. While there is some questioning of just how close co-workers can become outside of work, I don’t think this episode is very effective at addressing anything and just sort of bitterly peters out by the end with men going back to once more not talking about how they feel, a dangerous lesson for anyone who seriously needs help.

"Mutual of Omabwah" finds Hank and Bobby freaking out about spending a weekend without homeowners insurance, which is mildly amusing just for their reactions. "Care-Takin' Care of Business" has Hank and friends trying to cover for an aged groundskeeper in order to ensure a better football season, with Christopher Lloyd muttering about as the groundskeeper.

"Arlen City Bomber" is another one-job episode where Peggy and Luanne become roller derby girls. "Redcorn Gambles with His Future" is the first and maybe the only episode this season with continuity that takes John Redcorn in a different direction. Tired of the massage game, Redcord tries to break into rock music with his band Big Mountain Fudgecake. However, his investment in his land turns to be devastating, leading to him making a last-minute change from a hard rocker to a children’s entertainer. This gig continues into further seasons, to the point of him making a kid’s entertainment empire in Arlen.

The rest of the episodes are a real snooze. "Smoking and the Bandit" features Dale playing an amateur criminal who smokes where he’s not allowed to smoke. "Gone with the Windstorm" features Nancy being phased out of television unless she gets a big scoop. "Bobby on Track" features Bobby being abused as an example of failure for a sports team. And Bill joins a men’s chorus in "It Ain't Over 'til the Fat Neighbor Sings".

So many episodes just don’t work this season that it’s a real shame King of the Hill hit its slump in season 9. The episode order is smaller, the stories less simple, and the humor just feels off throughout the show. Even the new addition of Lucky to the cast, voiced by Tom Petty, doesn’t really bolster much appeal.

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