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The Complete Series Five:

Hair: Tony returns from hitching his way around Europe and is shocked to find a tidy flat with a fridge full of food, not lager. But the worst is yet to come ... Gary and Dorothy have moved in together. Gary and Tony's worst predictions come true . Is this the end of the lads as we know them?

The Good Pub Guide: 'The Crown', Tony and Gary's sacred watering hole, is being redecorated and getting a new manager. They manage to salvage a few mementos and do some serious drinking research into other local options. Deborah meanwhile is feeling depressed about her life and takes an interest in astrology, an interest Tony curiously instantly develops.

Cowardice: Deborah is going through a 'lesbian phase'. Well, that's what the lads conclude after hearing Deborah admire the breasts of a TV actress and when a friend stays round at Deborah's' place. Tony offers to help the girls out (if they find they need a man).

Your Mate Vs Your Bird: Two's company, three's a crowd" and Gary has to decide, his live-in mate or his live-in bird? While Tony attempts to prove his love for Deborah by giving himself a painful home made tattoo, Gary tells him that Dorothy thinks he should move out. In the meantime, Dorothy has changed her mind and tells Gary she is moving in with Deborah.

Cardigan: Deborah is studying hard and hanging out with her new student friends and Gary is feeling disturbingly middle-aged , especially when he is mistaken for George at the office. A night out clubbing at a rave is obviously the only answer.

Rich And Fat: At breakfast, Gary tells Tony he is putting on weight and Tony sees Gary's bank statement with a balance of 33,000 and proceeds to tell everyone. That evening, Dorothy goads Gary into giving a huge donation to the Hospital which Gary tries desperately to retrieve.

Home-made Sauna: Dorothy and Deborah are going on a sailing weekend. While the girls are away, Tony makes use of some timber he's been given to convert the garden shed into a sauna - 'a shedna'. Attractive Paula and Carol arrive to stay next door for the weekend. Unbelievably, the girls agree to come over for a barbecue. Tony chooses Paula, convinced she's 'the girl most likely to' but turns out to be married with children. Gary and Carol are the ones who get much better acquainted...
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Beryl Vertue
Simon Nye
Fremantle Home Entertainment
British TV, TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Sitcoms
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Run Time:
203 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
  • Animated Menus With Sound Effects
  • 4 Interactive Quizzes (With Special 'Out-take' Rewards On Completion)
  • Scene Selection

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