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Renegade: Series 4 (1996)

15h 23min
Not released
A foreign ambassador is running a lucrative drug smuggling operation, hiding behind the cover of diplomatic immunity. His legal representation is a very attractive woman, who Reno (Lorenzo Lamas) falls in love with. The two plan to get married, as well as bring down the drug dealer. In the mean time, Dutch Dixon gets promoted to a US Marshal, giving him more power and resources than ever before. This seriously complicates their wedding plans...Cheyenne places a "most eligible bachelor" personals ad for Bobby in a magazine, and they get flooded with responses.
However, Bobby finds romance in the strangest of all places, as he falls in love with the victim of a recent automobile accident he was involved in. While all of this is happening, Reno is on the trail of a fugitive, but a strange series of coincidences leads him to believe there may be an ulterior motive to her seduction of Bobby...While tracking down his latest bounty, Henry Travis (Johny Cash), both Reno and his bounty are arrested and held in a local jail. In an interesting twist reminiscent of "It's A Wonderful Life", Travis shows Reno how things would have been in the lives of those Reno is closest to had he taken the bullet four years earlier instead of Val. Dixon is well on his way to becoming Governor of California; Bobby is a hired thug working for Dixon; Cheyenne, not approving of Bobby's actions and association with Dixon and others like him is missing and rumored to have been hurt by...
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TV Action & Adventure, TV Crimes, TV Dramas
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
923 minutes
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