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Some Girls: Series 3 (2014)

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Viva tries to cheer up the permanently morbid Josh, known as Death Boy after a car accident in which his grandparents were killed though he does get the girls to a party given by Gemma, Rocky's new girlfriend - where he tries to hit on Amber and gets hit with a plank which brings back to him the memory of how the accident occurred. Saz is over-joyed to see Joe, her boyfriend who emigrated to Australia, less so when he tells her it was to escape her possessiveness. Back home Anna's waters break and with Rob out at work Josh drives her to hospital where Viva becomes her...
As a piece of research Viva puts her friends' photos on a dating site to see what ratings they get and Saz is depressed by her low scores. . Holli has no such popularity problems as she is seeing three boys at once which gets complicated when they all show up at the same time so the others make her choose which is the best. However the result is a draw and she decides to dump all three but ends up keeping the insecure Connor. Meanwhile Amber has a trial for the Chelsea Ladies' football team but is rubbish and fails to make the grade...
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British TV, TV Comedies, TV Sitcoms, TV Teen Dramas
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