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"The Great Father" is a family emotional drama but at the same time it carries a strong relevant social message to our society. Story revolves around Davids family and certain external incidents which makes his family into some serious troubles and how wisely they get rid of them. Sara is the character name who plays David's daughter role, who is in 6th standard. She is crazy about his father and always boast about him to her friends, she herself created a super hero image about David, and she always wanted to see him in such a way. David who is an entrepreneur into the building construction field which has wings in multiple cities across the country.
Post marriage, he had shifted from Mumbai to Kerala to sustain a peaceful life with his family especially considering a better life v/ith his daughter. But daughter Sara always enjoyed her Mumbai life which made her bold and enthusiastic Parallel to this a serial killer's activities getting noted by the police force and they started investigating on the root part. Killer always keeps a unique strategy by challenging the entire police force before committing any child abuse. He tends to murder the kids in brutal ways after the child abuse. Some of the police officers lost their life during the investigation, but still killer continues his series of murders by challenging the police force. In a certain situation killer is getting involved into David's family life by trying to abuse Sara while she was alone at home. David by knowing this fact he tries to hide this from other family, friends and Medias. With the help of his wife Michael who is a doctor Sara could recover from the initial critical situation. But Sara indeed a better consultation under a better environment, wife advice David to admit Sara to her hospital and with the help of Dr.Susan who is a close friend and colleague of Michael. David denies this due to fear that media will come to know this and they starts celebrating this as their hot topic discussions. Which will spoil Sara's rest of the life. But Michael's assurance makes David to rethink and he agrees to consult Sara under Doctor Susan. Susan takes care Sara very well at the hospital environment without letting anybody knows about the fact that Sara was abused by someone. There were few situations David's friend met David and his family inside the hospital and start probing what happened to Sara and why she is admitted in the hospital but Dr. Susan managed to get rid of every such issues and recover Sara's physical health completely. But Sara was not just injured by physique, she was mentally haunted by the serial killer's frighten approach that he made to her. Sara was completely lost her energy and she was felling under a depression mode. It was Susan who understood this drastic situation of Sara and inform David and Michael about this and they starts giving better counseling to get her back into the normal life. New ACP Andrews joins in the investigation team since the fellow officer was murdered by the killer. Andrews started probing into each and every murders and killer comes to know about this. Killer starts challenging Andrews and he was waiting for a chance. He started following Andrews's niece and this makes Andrews more vigilant on the investigation. Based on the hints Andrews started following and investigate more on David's and Killer's movements. He started following David at David's premises like office, flat, where he goes, when he goes etc. He comes to know that Sara is hospitalized and David is a daily visitor to that hospital police starts interrupting into Dr. Susan's approach towards this and she really reacts to the police officer's that this is not their business to look after. Susan could successfully manage these situations by keeping the secrecy within her and letting Sara to recover completely. Susan plays a vital role into this entire drama which full fills David and his family needs. David and Andrews follows each hints which can leads to find the serial killer and they get vital information from a journalist who was indirectly helping the serial killer and from certain photographs which was shared by the killer as part of his challenges. Andrews also comes to know on this but he was bit late than David. Finally David winning in the cat and mouse game played with the opposite police force, and trace the killer in his own investigation method before the police traces him.
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Haneef Adeni
Prithviraj Sukumaran, Santosh Sivan, Shaji Natesan, Arya
Haneef Adeni
Anon Trendz
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Run Time:
151 minutes
Malayalam Dolby Digital 5.1
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Region 0 (All)
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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