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After being accused of poisoning her blind older husband, the lovely Mrs. Paradine (Ann Todd) hires lawyer Anthony Keane (Gregory Peck) to represent her. Though Keane himself is married to a striking and devoted woman, he finds himself strangely drawn to his glamorous defendant. However, his deepening feelings convince him that she is innocent, even though the evidence and his usual sense of logic and reason suggest otherwise.
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Robert Hichens, Alma Reville
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Classics, Drama, Romance, Thrillers
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110 minutes
English LPCM Mono
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.37:1
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Contractual Obligation. - The Paradine Case review by Steve

Spoiler Alert

Hitchcock again returns to an English location for his oddest American film. It feels like it is building up to a rather interesting murder trial but frustrates at the last when it suddenly ends and the audience discovers it has watched a character study and not a thriller at all.

It was a troubled production and edited several times as Selznick took control and even wrote a new screenplay after rejecting screen legend Ben Hecht's. Several scenes go on after any possible interest in them is over.

An oddity is that post-release Selznick had its length greatly reduced after Ethel Barrymore had been nominated for a supporting actor Oscar, cutting out most of her scenes and leaving her with three minutes of inconsequential screen time. Hitch was experimenting with long tracking takes, but Selznick just cut them out. The edited material was later lost in an accident.

But while it is a disappointing film of doubtful psychology and little humour, it isn't boring and Hitch drives us through a disjointed plot with some skill and the actors, though squandered, are sincere. Charles Laughton's voyeuristic interest in Ann Todd is one of the few typical Hitchcock touches that remains. I'm filing this one under contractual obligations.

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