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Glass half full Hitchcock is still a good film!

(Edit) 19/10/2019

I've watched far to much Alfred Hitchcock films. In my, and many of people's opinion they are works of genius!

Looking at his extensive filmography there is still the odd guilty pleasure I have for whatever reason overlooked. Saboteur from 1942 is one such film.

A second world war thriller from during the conflict. Set in the U.S. where Brit Hitchcock was under contract by David O. Selznick by then it deals with elements that were trademark facets of some of his better known films. The innocent man being on the run, chased by lawmen trying to prove his innocence.

In this instance the innocent man is a factory worker, Barry Kane (Robert Cummings). Wrongly implicated for a fatal fire at the factory.

Whilst on the run from California to New York, Kane ends up wooing a law abiding young lady, Pat Martin (Priscilla Lane). The pair do have a screen chemistry as the film develops.

The real bad guys are like a group of terrorists in a James Bond film. Sabotaging not only the factory but a major ship launch in New York.

If you have already watched more mainstream Hitchcock such as The 39 Steps a similar film follows but with a U.S. rather than U.K. setting.

Not one of Hitchcocks best films but certainly not the worse, call it middle of the way. Glass half full Hitchcock is still good!

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Death Line

Extremely dated British horror

(Edit) 02/06/2018

Extremely dated British horror film from 1972 set on the London Underground.

The 1972 production has got quite a cult following but by modern standards (it is nearly 50!) see Creep in 2004 it is like watching a film from a bygone age.

The cast is headlined by Donald Pleasence as a rather rude police inspector.

The story is based on mysterious disappearances at Russell Square tube station. We find out that there was a tunnel accident near the station that lead to the loss of several lives of men and women builders.

The film was marketed as a zombie film on its U.S. release being renamed Raw Meat.

The film also has Christopher Lee in a role as an MI5 agent in a scene that was probably shot in an hour!

The film does have some gory scenes as we see the zombie like survivors of the accident.

I've never heard of the film before.

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The Birds

Overrated Hitchcock. Dated.

(Edit) 08/09/2017

I usually like films from legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.

His brand of suspense thrillers and technical film wizardry for the era are strongpoints. So it is with some degree of trepidation that my review of such a well known Hitchcock film is mediocre. The lowest I have rated one of his films.

I just found the build up starring the two principal actors Tippi Hedren as Socialite Melanie Daniels and Australian Rod Taylor as San Francisco lawyer Mitch Brenner...boring.

It begins with some potential romance scenario where Brenner and Taylor meet each other in a pet store before the film cuts to Daniels driving up the California coast to a resort called Bodega Bay where Taylor spends weekends with his domineering mother Lydia Brenner (Jessica Tandy).

Eventually some bird action occurs as Daniels is attacked by a rogue seagull.

Scenes are shown featuring other bird species in attack mode such as sparrows and crows.

The horror of the bird attacks look tame by modern standards but I imagine back in 1963 they caused a stir.

In one scene a dead body with no eyeballs is shown.

The film was produced way before computer effects so relies on special effects from cameras and film. They do the job adequately.

The film ends quite abruptly without providing adequate resolution in my opinion. Questions are left unanswered. Why do the birds attack the coastal town?

Does outsider to the town Daniels have some link?

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