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Little Box of Sweets (2008)

3.0 of 5 from 45 ratings
89 minutes
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Time stands still as 'Little Box of Sweets' takes us on a journey to a little village in North India. Now huge industrial and government projects stand, where once stood the little village surrounded by fields of mustard dancing in the summer sun. Hills run down to meet the river, untouched by the world outside. As my father would say "In those days we didn't have much but we were happy, because we believed in simple living and high thinking!"
In the last 10 years India has changed so much. Space is scarce and everyone is caught up in this mad race for material progress. In my travels home when I am stuck in a city cramped with people in the heat and sweat of the traffic, I need to breathe, I close my eyes and I see the village, open fields and hills. I can run down to the river and swim - the sunset and songs of birds. Simple living! That's the India I will always remember!
This little village is Asha's world. Whatever she knows and wants is right here in her humble existence, her grandparents and her soul mate Lalli.
Then Seth comes along, the handsome son of an Indian Commissioner and Sheila the beautiful daughter of a British missionary.
Their common love for poetry draws them closer - awakening ASHA to a dream to be more like him and strive for a better future. But then seth returns to Medical School - leaving a changed ASHA caught between two different worlds.
The unspoken relationship with her grandfather - A man of few words stands as a constant reminder of life's failures and broken dreams!
, , Sheenu Das, , , Tilotama Shome,
India, Drama
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
89 minutes

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