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The Closer: Series 5 (2010)

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At work, L.A. Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson is a woman in charge. Got a suspect to grill, a case to crack, a murderer about to walk Call Brenda in and watch the fireworks. But at home...well, thats another story. Kyra Sedgwick headlines a sizzling 4-disc, 15-episode Season 5 of the series that combines heart, humor and homicide into a show thats equally compelling as a police procedural and a personal drama. As a cop, Brenda takes on everything from a corpse that comes COD to a serial killer to Sharon Raydor, an internal affairs officer as tough as she is. As a civilian, Brenda loses one family member and gains another: her surly niece Charlie.
Brenda can outsmart, outmaneuver and out a killer. But can she handle a teenager...
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Voiced By:
Jonny Cruz
Warner Brothers
TV Crimes, TV Dramas, TV Mysteries
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