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Reviews (1) of White Collar

Easy - White Collar review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Interesting complicated crimes, a couple of the plots are genius, worthy of a movie. This is good If you watch this kind of thing because you like to guess who, how or why done it.

I like edgy, dark crime t.v but it can feel too upsetting. This is bright and breezy , and you can argue that its virtually victimless, as the art business is such a racket anyway. The only problem is that it does what a lot of American spy and crime dramas, it gets very shmaltzy with their personal lives at times, processing etc etc, but its not really too often, Liz is an annoying sentimental character at times, and who says you cant have a character that is a wife and not a protagonist! that does happen in real life! Just fast forward through the sentimental bits and its really good.

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