TV Series - New Releases

Did you miss a few episodes of your favourite TV series? Or perhaps want to watch it all again? It can be a shame when a program is no longer watchable on a catch-up service. And that’s why Cinema Paradiso are here to save the day!

We have a huge collection of films and TV series for you to watch. All from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want! Why not have a go at a free trial? 

Watch your favourite TV series over and over. And share the experience with other members of the family!

Browse our range of New TV Series below. Whether you heard all about a TV series and weren’t able to watch it. Or want to watch your favourite TV series all over again.

Our New TV series spans a range of genres. From mystery to romance, to horror and drama. Whatever your interests, you’ll find it in Cinema Paradiso's selection. 

We have comedies like Ghosts and Year of the Rabbit. We also have dramas like Gentleman Jack. We also have dramedies like Fleabag and miniseries like Chernobyl

If you like dystopian action drama, you’ll enjoy indulging in Curfew or a Tom Hanks-fronted rerelease of From the Earth to the Moon on Blu-ray for a more documentary feeling.

All in all, we have over 100,000 TV series and film collections in our range. So, as you can see, you won’t be short of choice.

Our collection has been growing since 2003 - enjoy browsing our collection of films and TV series below.