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In the peaceful Appalachian hills of Jackson, Kentucky, the earth burns. The toxins being dumped into abandoned mines could turn Jackson into a wasteland if no one stops it. EPA Marshal Jack Taggert in Fire Down Below, a thunderous eco-thriller. Taggert's job is to ferret out those responsible for poisoning the land. When thugs try to take him out of the action, Taggert takes on another line of work. He's in the butt-kicking business, Business is good.
, , , , , , , , , , Amelia Neighbors, , , , Yvonne Pollard
Jeb Stuart
Action & Adventure, Thrillers
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100 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1, Italian Dolby Digital 5.1
Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, English Hard of Hearing, French, Italian, Italian Hard of Hearing, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.85:1
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Cinematic career coffin nail - Fire Down Below review by AER

Spoiler Alert

Back in the 90s, this was the first made for cinema Steven Seagal starrer to go DTV in the UK. It came out at cinemas around the world but the Brits saw sense to bypass this one, and this is also the one that saw Hollywood call time on this waste of space. With an eco-message years ahead of its time, it still fudged the science... An EDA agent goes to the Appalachian Mtns to uncover big-business skullduggery and 'fish acting weird' and finds himself on the wrong end of Stephen Lang and Kris Kristoffersen's ire.

This is p**s weak, with terrible action scenes (excepting a truck plunging off a deep cliff), a soppy romance, and dopey villains (Stephen Lang is terrible in this).... The fight scenes look like they were made in the edit - its just plain duff and from the school of 'one-at-a-time fighting' on ketamine. It's easy to see why audiences gave up on Steven Seagal as he can't fight, cannot act and even for the 90s, looked very silly.

Crap Down Below 0.5 out of 10

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