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The First Film (2015)

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In October 1888 Louis Le Prince produced the world's first films in Leeds, England. These were shot on cameras patented in both America and the UK. Once he had perfected his projection machine Le Prince arranged to demonstrate his discovery to the American public and thus the world. On 16th September 1890, just days before he was due to sail to New York Louis Augustine Aime Le Prince stepped onto the Dijon to Paris train and was never seen again. No body was ever found so legally no one could fight the Le Prince claim that he invented a camera that recorded the very first moving image.
As a result, several years later, Thomas Edison and the Lumiere Brothers were to claim to the glory and the prize of being acknowledged as the first people to pioneer film. Louis Le Prince was never added to history books. But for one lone voice, who worked with him, Le Prince's name and his pioneering work was forgotten. 'The First Film' is David Nicholas Wilkinson s thirty three year quest to prove to the world that a Frenchman Louis Le Prince made the first films in 1888 and that the birthplace of motion pictures was not America nor France but in fact the city of Leeds in the county of Yorkshire, England.
, , , Nigel Cross, Quentin Dowse, , , Aurelie Freoua, , Louise A. Handley, Annie Hartley, , , Stephen Herbert, Adolphe Le Prince, , Mick McCann, Beatrice Neumann, Tony North,
David Wilkinson
Voiced By:
Ben Eagle, Sarah Lancashire
Irfan Shah, David Wilkinson
Documentary, Special Interest
A Few More Screen Princes, A History of Cricket Films, A Brief History of Film...
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106 minutes
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Region 2
  • 20 minutes Extras Deleted or extended scenes
  • The Martin Scorsese Connection
  • The Royal Connection (Extended scene)
  • The One Man Who Knew
  • The Edision Murder
  • Theory Summing Up
  • Race for the Moving Image (Extended scene)
  • The Debt Theory (Extended scene)
  • No one Believed it was Leeds
  • The Wrong Prince

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