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From the ashes of World War I, Adolf Hitler attempted to build a sinister new world order, led by a so-called race of Aryan supermen, spreading a reign of terror unlike any the world had ever known. Nazism was no mere political movement as is commonly believed; rather, it was an occult religion in which Adolf Hitler was the messiah, Heinrich Himmler the high priest and the SS Death Head Formation, the clergy. This film documents the Third Reich's use of the occult in an effort to help them win World War II. The Reich used the mystical arts to make important battle decisions, train SS officers, and indoctrinate the German public and to try and influence the Allies.
Through montage, Nazi symbols are compared with carvings of the magical Nordic Runic alphabet, and archival footage of Nazis dressed as medieval knights, demonstrates the Nazis' perversion of mystical traditions for their own dark purposes. Indeed documents prove that their beliefs were based on a corruption of ancient pagan lore, a twisting of mythic battles between forces of light and darkness, and a terrifying journey into a world ruled by mystics, madmen and murderers. It is believed that once the religion was in place, the Nazis attempted to breed a "purified" race of Aryan god-men and annihilated the "impure" to fulfil their horrifying ideology.
Nick Campion, Angus Douglas-Hamilton, Wolfgang Rüdiger Hess, , Henry Metelmann, Peter Padfield, Nigel Pennick, Gottfried Wagner, Michael Kater, J.H. Brennan, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, George L. Mosse, Mark Weitzman, , Richard Grunberger, , , , ,
Tracy Atkinson, Joan Barron
Tracy Atkinson, Joan Barron
Voiced By:
Malcolm McDowell
Narrated By:
Malcolm McDowell
Lester Thomas Shane
Discovery Channel
Release Date:
Run Time:
45 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
Colour and B & W

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