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All six episodes from the third series of the popular children's television drama, set in the offices of the Junior Gazette newspaper. In this series Lynda (Julia Sawalha) is missing Spike (Dexter Fletcher) after he returns to America, the office starts receiving threatening phone calls, and a gun fanatic holds the staff of the Gazette hostage after they print an article calling for guns to be banned, with tragic results.

1. The Big Hello
The Junior Gazette has gone professional and is looking for more adult news-stories. Lynda is trying to expose a corrupt councillor and has traced him to a restaurant in Bromley Road - where Spike just happens to be dining with his new girlfriend, Zoe. As Lynda enlists Spike's support and offers him his job back, she also makes sure that Spike won't be going anywhere for a while...least of all America!
2. Killer on the Line
The Gazette has been having distribution problems on the South Side of town thanks to local newsagent Mr Loranzo. While Spike tears the news-room apart looking for his passport and Lynda teases him unmercifully, Sarah receives a call from a wrong number. She soon realises that the caller is hurt, confused and possibly guilty of murder.
3. Chance is a Fine Thing
Whilst decorating his grandfather's house, Kenny discovers a letter that causes him to ponder the nature of fate and destiny. Colin starts dating Clark Kent's girlfriend and a young Irish girl finds another wrong number - and it's Kenny's.
4. The Last Word (Part 1)
At the end of today, Police cars will wait in silence outside the Junior Gazette building as reporters tell of the siege in which one of the news team was killed by a lone, masked gunman. Earlier, a young man wearing a clown mask entered the news-room to complain about Sarah's article criticising the gun-club. He was nervous and jumpy. Now, the rest of the news-team having been released, Spike, Lynda, Kenny, Colin and Sarah stand facing the end of a gun. Who will survive...Who will die?
5. The Last Word (Part 2)
At the funeral, Sarah meets up with Detective Inspector Hibbert, who is due to deliver the eulogy, and hands him a document that will explain everything that happened during the siege. All he knows at present is that the gunman escaped from a building surrounded by policemen, leaving a member of the news team dead. As Hibbert reads on, he realises that his eulogy may not turn out as he had planned...
6. Holding On
Spike and Lynda are investigating reports of a practical joker with a hypnotic personality. Spike's fiance, Zoe, returns to take him back home to America, but thanks to the mysterious abilities of Mr. Maringo Lynda is finding it hard to let go. Only Colin 'nose' what's going on and he's not about to give the game away. The only advice they can get is from a marriage guidance councillor who has a problem of his own...
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Sandra C. Hastie
Bill Moffat
Steven Moffat, Bill Moffat
British TV, TV Classics, TV Comedies, TV Dramas, TV Teen Dramas
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151 minutes
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