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Sledge Hammer! is an American comedy series about a no nonsense police officer who proves to be more comical than tough thanks to his over the top actions. The series follows Detective Sledge Hammer (David Rasche) as he investigates crimes with his signature motto, shoot first, ask questions never. The series is a satirical look at the anti hero police officers made famous by Clint Eastwood as Sledge does ridiculous things in the name of justice, something Sledge probably wouldn’t recognise even if it hit him on the head.
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Thomas John Kane
Voiced By:
Gary Owens, Michael Michaud
Narrated By:
Gary Owens
Alan Spencer
Chris Ruppenthal, Brian Pollack, David Ketchum, Anthony DiMarco, Rod Ash, Brooke Kofford, Bret Kofford, Mark Curtiss, Ron Friedman, Alicia Marie Schudt, Mert Rich, Alan Spencer
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