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John Wayne produces, directs and stars in this larger than life chronicle of one of the most remarkable events in American history. At the Alamo - a crumbling adobe mission - 185 exceptional men joined together in a sacred pact: they would stand firm against an army of 7,000 and willingly give their lives for freedom. Filmed entirely in Texas only a few miles from the site of the actual battle, The Alamo, is a visually stunning and historically accurate celebration of courage and honour.
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John Wayne
James Edward Grant
Stuart Gilmore, Paul Francis Webster, Dimitri Tiomkin, Gordon E. Sawyer, Fred Hynes, William H. Clothier
MGM Home Entertainment
Action & Adventure, Classics, Drama

1961 Oscar Best Sound

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154 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, French Dolby Digital 2.0, German Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono, Italian Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono, Spanish Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono
Danish, Dutch, English, English Hard of Hearing, Finnish, German Hard of Hearing, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.35:1
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Epic Historical Adventure - The Alamo review by GI

Spoiler Alert

John Wayne's epic historical adventure, a passion project for him and the first of only two films he directed in his long career. It's an exciting, grand war epic depicting the 1836 battle of a small Texan mission held by a ragtag bunch of militia and volunteers against the massive Mexican Army who were delayed for fifteen days from their invasion. The battle holds mythical status in the US and Wayne saw it as the pinnacle of the American Dream reflecting his political ideals. That aside it's a highly entertaining film and once the main battle commences it's a cinematic treat. There are some misfires not least in the first third when Wayne adds a big dose of humorous western tropes with saloon fights and drunkenness (he even slips a very small cattle drive in there!), no doubt the effect of years of working with John Ford. The film is also littered with profound, political and macho speeches which spoil the films flow and a pointless, albeit mild, romantic interlude with Linda Cristal. A more experienced director might have trimmed these areas to concentrate on the main battle. Overall though this is a fine film enhanced by three stunning lead performances from Wayne as Davy Crockett, the former Tennessee congressman who fought and died in the battle, Richard Widmark as legendary Jim Bowie and especially Laurence Harvey as the martinet commander of the Alamo, Travis. He was woefully ignored for an Academy nomination which he deserved. There's the usual great support cast of character actors who had long worked with Wayne in his films. As a big war epic this is a film that is worth checking out, it's a rousing and at times very moving film and the battle scenes are wonderful. To top it all it has a very famous score by Dimitri Tiomkin including 'The Green Leaves of Summer'.

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