4k Blu-ray vs. Streaming onto a 65" screen: Which is Best?

Technology is king. In fact, there is so much new technology nowadays, we are often spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the best screen for viewing.

Of course, the cinema offers us the opportunity to watch a hit movie on a huge screen and an entertaining outing, as well as awesome watching and high-quality movie images.

The combination of the surround sound and engaging atmosphere of the cinema, means that watching a hit film on a cinema screen simply has to be worth the price of the popcorn.


Despite the popularity and brilliance of the cinema, we are finding more and more nowadays the quality of the big screen is entering our homes, so much so that there is deliberation over whether watching movies at the cinema really is best. Whether it is because viewers prefer watching a film at a time that suits them, or simply because they enjoy being in the comfort of their own homes, watching films at home is becoming more and more popular.

In addition, most interestingly, much of this debate is sparked by the rise of 4k Blu-Ray, an exciting piece of technology that allows us to watch movies at home in the best possible quality.

4K Blu-ray or UHD is currently the most involved, engaging movie technology for home media, although DVD and Blu-ray are still the largest part of the market.

As experts in the movie industry, we’re answering the question of 4k Blu-ray vs. Streaming onto a 65" screen: Which is best?

Now: In order to find out which is best, we first need to consider the difference between Blu Ray vs. streaming HD.

Blu-ray vs. streaming HD

When you look at the facts, Blu-ray must offer a better quality to streaming HD. Because streaming movies is fast and practical, there is, to put it simply, some quality lost in the image.

That said, what is the impact of this slight loss of quality? According to the techy specifications, Blu-ray discs use H.264 at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, of up to 40Mbit/s. While HD streaming which is the same in terms of screen resolution, but streams at a maximum of 12Mbit/s. I bet your wondering then why there is a debate at all over 4k Blu-ray vs streaming, as undoubtedly Blu-ray is best?

Well, actually, some people don’t mind a slight drop in image quality for the practicality offered by streaming a movie from an online store.

So, could streaming onto a 65” screen be equally advantageous to 4K Blu-ray?

There are a number of pros for streaming onto 65” screen.

Currently, there is a wider choice of movies available for streaming

While it is true that 4K Blu-ray movies are currently being developed fast, currently, there is a wider choice of movies available for streaming over 4K Blu-ray discs. Therefore, if you don’t own a 4K Blu-ray player it would seem advantageous for you, at the moment, to wait until more movies are available on 4K Blu-ray before investing in a 4K Blu-ray player.

Fast, practical and good quality download speed

The practicality of modern streaming is undoubtedly a huge advantage of streaming movies onto a 65” screen. While you essentially have the whole of the movie industry available to download in a few minutes, it undoubtedly seems advantageous to opt for streaming a movie instantly, rather than waiting until it is available to watch in 4K Blu-ray format.

65” screens are the highest rated screen size

It gets better: Why are we focusing purely on the 65” screen size?

Well, it’s simple, 65” screens are the top-rated screen size out there and, as a result, the only screen size that can compete with the leading quality offered by 4K Blu-ray when streaming a movie.

Want to know the best part? If you are investing in a new screen, make sure it is 65”. We promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s the deal: 4K Blu-ray or streaming onto a 65” screen?

Our conclusion is that if you are currently looking to update your television and DVD player, then it would be most beneficial to opt for a 4K Blu-ray set and a 65” screen. However, there is no hurry at this moment in time.

Why? Because 4K Blu-ray is the future.

Watch this space

It won’t be long until there are many more movies available on 4K Blu-ray and when this is the case it is definitely worth investing in a 4K Blu-ray player for optimum quality viewing.

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