Rent Boogiepop Phantom: Vol.1 (2000)

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1h 25min
Rent Boogiepop Phantom: Vol.1 (aka Bûgîpoppu fantomu: Bûgîpoppu wa warawanai) Online DVD & Blu-ray Rental
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The first volume in a truly challenging and original anime series which focuses on a group of troubled Japanese schoolchildren who can see or hear people and things that their classmates cannot...

1. Portraits From Memory
Death moves within the light and within the city. Power failed the world changed. Flux is in the air, and now - the Boogiepop Phantom moves within the night. If you meet her on a dark night, your soul dark also, then... well, no one has ever lived to tell the tale. Within Boogiepop Phantom lies your salvation - or your end - or perhaps, both...
2. Portraits in Darkness
Jonouchi is cursed: he sees the world's evil that others are blind to. Powerless to avoid what he sees, crushed by the burden of seeing, he is pushed beyond his limits. His existence now has but a single purpose: change. He travels the city removing the pain in others, but it carries a price...How complete can a life be if ft is without pain?
3. Life Can Be So Nice
Misuzu lives a terrible lie. That lie conveniently serves something Quite malevolent. Her life changed some years ago in many ways, some subtle, others less so. By adopting an alien philosophy to her life, her world changed. In different ways, many of us serve another who holds power, but some fail to recognise this until too late....
Shawne P. Kleckner, J. Thompson
Voiced By:
Roxanne Beck, Anne Benkovitz, Jessica Calvello, Crispin Freeman, Amanda Goodman, William Hirsh, Megan Hollingshead, Carol Jacobanis, Lea Lane, Rachael Lillis, Corey Marshall, Kristen Nelson, Christopher Nicholas, Debora Rabbai, Bill Rogers, Traci Shannon, Buddy Woodward
Kouhei Kadono, Yasuyuki Nojiri
Bûgîpoppu fantomu: Bûgîpoppu wa warawanai
ADV Films
Anime & Animation
Japan, Anime & Animation
Release Date:
Run Time:
85 minutes
English, Japanese
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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