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The year is 2085 and mankind's battle against the robotic MME's is almost over. Most of Earth's surviving population evacuated to Mars, only the toughest and most resourceful freedom fighters remain to fight a futile guerrilla war. In the bombed-out wastelands of Australia, Sandy Newton and her rag-tag squad are the last hope to defeat the mechaniod foe. Deep in the desert lies an intact nuclear missile silo, with a warhead capable of destroying the stronghold of the MME's and their command computer GORN. During a search for the secret base, Sandy and her squad are shocked to discover another group of survivors, the followers of the Geo Chris region.
Deep within their hideaway stands the mystical Tree of Revival, ready to grow once again and return the burnt earth of life. But GORN, the MME command computer has another fate in store for Sandy and her team, only she has the key to her dead father's lost project. A secret power which will enable GORN to eradicate mankind forever! With barely any supplies left, any hopes Sandy and her team mates had for survival seem doomed to failure as the supercomputer GORN's MME battle troops close in for the kill. But millions of mile away, the Mars Defence Force are closing in on Earth, getting ready to launch a devastating invasion that will reclaim the mother planet for all mankind. As the countdown to the final showdown between silicon and human begins, Sandy Newman must face an even greater enemy in the heart of the MME's command tower. She must destroy GORN once and for all, or Earth will be utterly destroyed..
, , , , , , , , , , Darren Batten, , , Martin Jago, Phillip O'Reilly
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Japan, Anime & Animation
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150 minutes
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Region 2
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