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The Imperial War Museum Collection features rare and fascinating original films preserved in the Museum's archives. Many have never been released to the public before and are presented here, complete and uncut, for the very first time. These films are of great historical importance and are essential viewing for anyone interested in British naval and maritime history. During the Second World War, the Atlantic convoys offered a besieged Britain a vital lifeline. They brought in food, munitions, oil and other essential materials.
The Nazis realised that if they could stop the convoys, Britain would be helpless and so unleashed the full might of their U-Boat Wolf Packs and bomber fleets against them. Protecting the convoy became one of Britain's top priorities...These five carefully selected films, all made during wartime, vividly depict life on board the Atlantic convoys and the weaponry and tactics used to protect them.

Operational Height
Made by the RAF Film Production Unit in 1942 and featuring genuine merchant seamen and RAF personnel re-enacting their duties for the camera, this film follows the role of 'The Comely Bank' in helping to protect Allied convoys. A small drifter converted to float a barrage balloon, she helps to guard the approaches to a British port by discouraging mine-laying aircraft and frustrating dive-bomber attacks.
Night Attack on a Convoy
This rarely-seen Royal Navy instructional film from 1940 is aimed at senior officers and warns them not to ignore any possible sightings of U-Boat raiders.
Food Convoy
Also dating from 1940, this film provides a vivid account of life for men of the Merchant Navy manning a vital food convoy bound for Britain.
Escort Teams at Work
This Royal Navy instructional film was made for the Admiralty in 1943 to stress the importance of teamwork on board convoy escort vessels and includes graphic authentic film footage of both an air raid on a convoy and use of the 'Hedgehog' anti-submarine weapon.
Bonus Feature: Merchant Seamen
Made by the Crown Film Unit in 1941 and featuring genuine men of the Merchant Navy re-enacting their duties before the cameras, Merchant Seamen is the story of 'Nipper', a young seaman who narrowly escapes with his life as his ship is torpedoed from under him. Determined to strike back against the Nazis, he takes a gunnery course and waits for an opportunity to use his new skills against a U-Boat...
Narrated By:
Howard St. John, Bill Blewitt
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