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Double bill of USA classics.

Shockproof (1949)
Having served a five year stretch in prison for her part in a murder, Jenny Marsh (Patricia Knight) is released into the custody of parole officer Griff Marat (Cornel Wilde), who offers her the prospect of a new life with his support. One of the conditions of Jenny's parole is that she no longer sees her former boyfriend, Harry Wesson (John Baragrey), a gambler and crook for whom she was willing to go to jail. Still in love with Wesson, Jenny feels bound to continue seeing him, in spite of Marat's warnings that she risks going straight back to prison. Jenny soon finds herself torn between her former lover and Marat, who shows her nothing but kindness and respect. When Wesson threatens to tell Marat of her promise to escape with him, Jenny shoots him in a moment of madness. Unable to turn Jenny over to the police, Marat decides to help her escape across the state border. In doing so, he knows that he himself has become an outlaw. But it is too late to turn back.
Scandal Sheet (1952)
Broderick Crawford plays tabloid editor Mark Chapman, whose burgeoning success is threatened by the arrival of his wife Charlotte (Rosemary DeCamp), whom he deserted 20 years earlier. Hoping to keep Charlotte's mouth shut, Chapman accidentally kills her. He does his best to cover his tracks, but his best is none too good, and another murder follows. Meanwhile, Chapman's star reporter Steve McCleary (John Derek) is busy investigating the still-unsolved murder of Charlotte. Though Steve holds no grudge against his boss, the same cannot be said of feature writer Julie Allison (Donna Reed), who resents Chapman's sensationalist methods. Slowly but surely, the noose tightens around Chapman's neck, thanks to the diligence of McCleary and, indirectly, the inquiries of Julie.
, Patricia Knight, , , , , , Shirley Adams, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Helen Deutsch, S. Sylvan Simon, Edward Small
Helen Deutsch, Samuel Fuller, Ted Sherdeman, Eugene Ling, James Poe
Classics, Drama, Romance, Thrillers
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162 minutes
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Run Time:
162 minutes
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Full Screen 1.37:1
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Two in One - Shockproof / Scandal Sheet review by Cato

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Two super films in this package with Shockproof , directed by the great Douglas Sirk, coming first. The story has the superb Cornel Wilde as a parole officer falling in love with a murderess who is still being followed by her ex boyfriend, and the other film Scandal Sheet gives us a great newspaper story with the main star played by the superb Broderick Crawford. I thought that this was the best film of the two, but to get both films in one package is a real treat.

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