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The Imperial War Museum Collection features rare and fascinating original films preserved in the Museum's archive. Many have never been released to the public before and are presented here, complete and uncut, for the very first time. These films are of great historical importance and are essential viewing for anyone interested in British military history. This two disc collection features over 30 different wartime films showing how Britons contributed to the defence of the nation, from joining the Home Guard through to contributing scrap items and 'Digging for Victory'.
Much of the collection is devoted to rare films covering the formation and training of the Home Guard - or 'Dad's Army' as it was sometimes jokingly referred to. They include 'Citizen's Army', The Dawn Guard', 'Home Guard', 'Unarmed Combat', 'News From England', 'Platoon Assault on a House', 'Weapons and Equipment' and 'One Man, Two Jobs' and span the length of the war. Other services covered include barrage balloon squadrons in 'Squadron 992' and ARP Wardens in 'Post 23' and 'Night Watch', while Wartime stars like Tommy Trinder, Kathleen Harrison and Ronald Shiner are on hand to dish out invaluable advice on everything from scrap and salvage to eating right. There's also plenty of wartime public information films covering everything from the subject of cheese and growing your own vegetables to tackling incendiary bombs and mending and making do. Other films included here, such as 'Dangerous Comment' and 'You're Telling Me' convey the invaluable wartime message that 'careless talk costs lives'. Some films in the collection have more to do with boosting morale than practical advice to dispense. In 'Miss Grant Goes to the Door' two elderly sisters help outwit a German spy, while 'Men of the Lightship' recreates the brutal German attack on the East Dudgeon Lightship and The Frontline' celebrates life as usual in Dover as invasion looms...
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Donald Taylor, Michael Balcon, Alberto Cavalcanti, Brian Desmond-Hurst, John Taylor, John Boulting, Edward Black
Voiced By:
Robert Newton, Lionel Gamlin
Narrated By:
Jack Livesey, Robert Newton, Alec Clunes, Lionel Gamlin
John Paddy Carstairs, Roger MacDougall, Roland Pertwee, Adrian Brunel, Rodney Ackland, Donald Bull, Thorold Dickinson, David Evans, Hugh Gray, Alan Hodge, W.D.H. McCulloch, Anna Reiner, Sidney Gilliat
Britain's Home Front At War - Britain's Citizen Army
DD Home Entertainment
Action & Adventure, Drama, British TV, TV Documentaries, TV Dramas, TV Military & War Dramas
Release Date:
Run Time:
291 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 0 (All)
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
B & W
  • Food Flashes
  • Wartime Food and Fuel Flashes
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following films:
- Do It Now
- Citizen's Army
- Dangerous Comment
- Salvage with a Smile
- Miss Grant Goes to the Door
- Men of the Lightship
- The Front Line
- Choose Cheese
- Squadron 992
- The Dawn Guard
- You're Telling Me
- Post 23
- Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light
- Dig for Victory
- Home Guard
- Eating Out with Tommy Trinder
- Unarmed Combat
- Salvage Sense
- Night Watch
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following films:
- Arms from Scrap
- Go to Blazes
- Salving Our Scrap
- War Pictorial News - Home Guard Windermere
- Warworks News - How to Make Do and Mend
- Warworks News - Food for Thought
- Home Guard Town Fighting - Weapons and Equipment
- Home Guard Town Fighting - Platoon Assault On a House
- They Fight by Night
- One Man Two Jobs
- Rationing in Britain
- It All Depends
- Special Features

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