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Bionic Woman is a cult classic drama series about a woman who thanks to an accident is saved by a medical miracle as she is turned into a woman who is part machine, a Bionic Woman. The series follows Jamie Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) as she learns to get used to her new robotic parts as she is tasked with protecting people thanks to her newfound abilities that these robotic elements have given her. With her new skills she can help people and take on the most dangerous of adversaries, those threatening innocent people.
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Kenneth Johnson, James D. Parriott, Arthur Rowe, Nancy Malone, Craig Schiller, Ralph Sariego, Joseph D'Agosta
Voiced By:
Guerin Barry, Richard Anderson
Kenneth Johnson
James D. Parriott, Kenneth Johnson, Arthur Rowe, Harve Bennett, Robert McCullough, Martin Caidin, Philip DeGuere Jr, Herman Groves, William A. Schwartz, Oliver Crawford, Sue Milburn, Ellen Wittman, Dan Kibbie, Wilton Denmark, Joyce Howard, C. Robert Brooks, Worley Thorne, Lionel E. Siegel, Stephen Kandel, Joe Viola
TV Action & Adventure, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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