Rent Aah (1953)

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If Raj (Raj Kapoor) had his way, he would have been a poet, not the engineer that circumstances made him into. The perfection of nature fascinated him more than the nature of mechanical things. One day Raj is sent to work at the Saraswati Dam, the exquisitely beautiful location. As Raj revelled in his new found paradise, his father visits him and tells him about his deceased mother's wish that Raj should marry Chandra (Vijaylaxmi), the sophisticated daughter of a rich family friend. On his father's insistence, Raj agrees to write to Chandra. The letter is sheer poetry, but it's beauty completely wasted on Chandra who wants to ignore it.
Neelu (Nargis), her teenage sister, moved by the writer's eloquence and sincerity, acknowledges the letter on her behalf. Neelu's reply sparks off a correspondence and then circumstances that lead Neelu and Raj falling deeply in love. Just when it seems that they will live happily ever after, Raj is diagnosed suffering from TB, a disease that killed his mother. A shocked Raj decides that he loves Neelu too much to commit her to an uncertain future and deceives her into believing that he actually loves Chandra. Does Neelu ever find out Raj's selfless love for her? Will the two lovers be united again?
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Raj Kapoor
Inder Raj Anand
Yash Raj
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142 minutes
Hindi Dolby Digital 5.1
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Region 0 (All)
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Widescreen 1.85:1
B & W
  • An Exclusive Compiled Film: 'The Showman': Raj Kapoor, A trip down memory lane with Raj Kapoor's co-stars, collegues and family

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Good songs , pity about the story. - Aah review by Promessi

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Nargis and Raj Kapoor in an old-time b&w Bollywood comedy tearjerker. All the ingredients but the soufflé fails to rise. The comedy is heavyhanded and the acting, particularly Raj Kumar, too often OTT . The storyline moves on to sentimental melodrama but with little to write home about. I suppose it's partly a matter of taste, but my recommendation would be to watch only the songs (as usual with Bollywood films the set up facility enables this ). The songs and dance sequences are fine: one or two imaginative sets, the amazing Lata Mangeshkar, and both leads seem much more at home when singing/miming then during the leaden "dramatic" sections of the film. The songs alone run for maybe 40 minutes.

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