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This marvellously entertaining, tongue-in-cheek musical romp stars Frank Ifield as a talented young Australian singer who moves to London in search of his big break, tries to woo a top model - while seemingly overlooking the beautiful publican's daughter who truly loves him - and gets tangled up with a gang of thieves! Featuring Coventry-born [field's only feature-film appearance and made at the height of his international fame in 1965, 'Up Jumped a Swagman' was inspired by the phenomenal success of Cliff Richard's musical films, interweaving vibrant scenes of London life with some of Ifieid's best-loved hits, including his breakthrough chart-topper 'I Remember You'.
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British Films, Children & Family, Classics, Comedy, Music & Musicals
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86 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.35:1
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Reviews (1) of Up Jumped a Swagman

Even the title doesn't fit - Up Jumped a Swagman review by LN

Spoiler Alert

This was meant to augment Anglo/Aussie Frank Ifield's career in 1965 but don't think it had much effect. Frank is amiable and gets a chance to sing most of his top hits but the first time young director (or the scriptwriter) seems to have missed the mark completely. It even starts out well, as Frank arrives in England and travels to London to make his mark. Immediately it looks a bit like spoof comedy, as he talks to a tea lady (who mysteriously appears later in a jail) then there's the comedy of an overhead announcement for a departing train seemingly destined for everywhere ending in -stone or -thorpe (I can't remember exactly now I've sent the disc back) - really quite funny. Good, it's a comedy I thought. But once he arrives at Richard Wattis' strange offices it rapidly goes downhill. The story ultimately has no real substance. There are plenty of cute 60s mini-skirted young women including some dancers (one of which later became Mrs. Ifield), he gets involved with a safe cracking mob (!) and it all concludes very unevenly in a street market. To his credit Frank does well in his only film role and doesn't look too uncomfortable on set. It certainly educated me on his multiple hits that were a bit before my time but he's a great singer.

He's also supposedly pursuing one girl while being yearned for by another (the lovely Suzy Kendall).

Sad, as it could have been so much better with a proper story, but it's an interesting period piece view of the mid-60s. Have a look and enjoy the music.

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