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A once abused woman, Sadie (Olivia Wilde), devotes herself to ridding victims of their domestic abusers, while hunting down the husband she must kill to truly be free. This is a compelling, gritty and highly enthralling revenge thriller with a powerful message.
, , , Estefania Tejeda, , , , , , , , , Beverly Atkinson, Theather Huggins, , Ebony Hilaire, Kimberly Tavares, Ivan Tavarez, ,
Sarah Daggar-Nickson
Allison Rose Carter, Ambyr Childers, Andrew Corkin, Randall Emmett, George Furla, Lars Knudsen, Olivia Wilde
Sarah Daggar-Nickson
Signature Entertainment
Drama, Thrillers
Release Date:
Run Time:
87 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.85:1

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Reviews (4) of A Vigilante

Dire - A Vigilante review by Alphaville

Spoiler Alert

Writer/director Sarah Daggar-Nickson can’t direct plot or actors. Expect lots of dialogue-free close-ups of our ‘heroine’ going about her daily routine. Watch her punch a punch bag, watch her put her make-up on… This is basically a documentary-style polemic against male aggression, complete with victims telling their story to camera at a support group. Actors speak their lines without passion or drama, with no score to add any emotion to a scene. The director has no idea how to make a film interesting. If you’re drawn to this expecting action and thrills, you’re in for an 87-minute endurance test. It received some good press reviews, but the praise was biased for its feminist content. To call it a thriller is a joke. It’s awful.

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Decent thriller - A Vigilante review by HM

Spoiler Alert

Abused woman supports other abused women by punishing their bad boy partners. A kind of sex abuse 'Punisher' concept. The violence is played down but obvious so the impact isn't slash and blood, however, the atmosphere is violent. She has a go at a woman child abuser too presumably to slide the character out of the man hating category.

What she really needs to do is revenge herself against her own abuser; cue show down and chase situation. This movie could have broken new ground but ends up following a few old paths. Closer to Death Wish than a psychological analysis.

I found it entertaining and engaging so worth a watch, I have been bored and let down by better known casts and directors believe me.

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No Subtitles for the Hard of Hearing - A Vigilante review by SW

Spoiler Alert

Why in this day and age do they produce films with no subtitles for the hard of hearing. Ordered this film without realising it. Both of us need subtitles so we are completely left out of the enjoyment and become 2nd class citizens

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