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Ayurveda (ayur meaning "life" and veda, meaning "knowledge") roughly translated as the "knowledge of life" is one of the oldest natural healing systems known to man and is believed to be evolved in India around 3000 B.C. Dr. Rajesh Deven, the renowned Ayurveda Physician who has trained a large number of masseurs in the skill and art of massaging in India and abroad, diligently describes each stroke of the massage whilst a therapist performs the massage precisely. This feature explains the most popular form of Ayurvedic Pregnancy massage.
This massage relaxes the whole body, reduces the tension in the muscles and joints, helps the muscles to become stronger which inturn eases delivery, lubricates the skin and body, and helps in ease of the expansion of the body. It helps to maintain the elasticity or flexibility of the body and reduces the possibilities of getting stretch marks. It reduces upper and lower backache caused due to spinal curvatures. It lessens lower abdominal pain, con¬stipation and the chances of hemorrhoids. It also helps in the easy stretching of the muscles during delivery. This authentic massage has been extensively shot in multi angles to have a clear step-by-step demonstration of strokes and acts as guide to both beginners as well as seasoned practitioners to hone their skills.
Dr. Rajesh Deven
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Ms. Michelle Love
Quantum Leap
British Films, Special Interest
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56 minutes
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