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Spanning a twenty-year period, Twenty-four Eyes tells the story of a bright young teacher, Hisaki Oishi (Hideko Takamine), and her ongoing relationship with the class of twelve children, charmingly played, at various stages of their lives, by non-professional local children and young adults. The aging schoolmaster (Chishu Ryu) recognizes her talent, but Hisaki is mistrusted by the remote island community. In time, both the children and adults fall under the spell of this modern, headstrong city-girl - only to see the impending war change their lives for good.
Hideki Gôko, Itsuo Watanabe, Makoto Miyagawa, Takeo Terashita, Kunio Satô, Hiroko Ishii, Yasuko Koike, Setsuko Kusano, Kaoko Kase, Yumiko Tanabe, Ikuko Kanbara, Hiroko Uehara, Hitoshi Gôko, Shirô Watanabe, Jun'ichi Miyagawa, Takeaki Terashita, Takeshi Satô, Shisako Ishii, , Sadako Kusano
Keisuke Kinoshita, Sakae Tsuboi
Nijushi no hitomi
Japan, Drama
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156 minutes
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
B & W
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Reviews (2) of Twenty Four Eyes

Touching & Memorable - Twenty Four Eyes review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Yes, its another film about the harsh realities of peasant life in a remote part of Japan. The tale is woven around a small class of children and their teacher. We follow their progress into adulthood and look back on missed opportunities, difficulties and moments lost. At times it plays like an ancient propaganda film from WW2 with the local population happy to serve their country. Then the futility of war and the machine begins to strike home as defeat becomes a new experience. As one mother says 'children can be children once again'.

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Principles and Kindness - Twenty Four Eyes review by AP

Spoiler Alert

I must have watched this at a susceptible moment, because I found it very moving, though some scenes are, I felt, too extended and I was conscious of my feelings being worked on. Nevertheless, the story of a young, western-dressing bicycle-riding teacher taking on a class of little children on an island where the economy is stone-quarrying or fishing/farming, becoming their friend as they go through life, marrying, losing her husband etc etc, was told with enough candour to have me in tears a few times. The teacher is both kind and keen to teach her charges about life in the wider world, but she finds it hard to toe the patriotic line when war is declared and her careful but consistent opposition to it - an opinion confirmed by the death of several of her grown up boy pupils - holds our respect. I respond intensely to people being good to each other, and there were many moments of that for me in this film in praise of committed gentleness.

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