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Terrifying, true-life tales of ghouls and the undead are woven into fascinating footage of the premiere historic sites and ancient architecture of the Cotswolds. The ghostly elements that lurk just beneath this area's rolling hills and lush vistas are revealed through the following stories: 1000 year old Warwick Castle, built by William the Conqueror, where the ghost of a previous squire emerges from his portrait, scaring the wits out of unwary viewers. A headless Charles I haunts the perfectly preserved Tudor manor, Chavenage House, which is considered the best example of its kind in the whole of Britain.
The ancient church of Adderbury in Oxfordshire, is renowned for its medieval stone carvings of gargoyles that form an eerie orchestra playing rare, early musical instruments. In addition to these and many more ghost stories this DVD does double duty as an historically informative travel tour of the Cotswolds - England's most visited region. When the wind whistles through the trees, gather a group of ghost-lovers together to watch these stories. Everyone's teeth will chatter for there is nothing creepier than Haunted Cotswolds.
Larrabee Industries
British Films, Documentary, Special Interest
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60 minutes
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Reviews (1) of Ghosts of Great Britain: Haunted Cotswolds

What a waste of time! - Ghosts of Great Britain: Haunted Cotswolds review by CB

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One of the most appalling documentaries I've ever seen! This would not have been offered a tv slot on the most unwatched digital channel. The confused mix of narrative and photographs jumps from one cliche to the next, with a very unconvincing coverage of the facts, often disconnected with the visuals. I'd rather have CSI and that's saying something!

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