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With exclusive, unprecedented access, 'Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist' is the first film to encompass the remarkable story of Vivienne's life, her fashion, her personality, her activism and her cultural importance. Since igniting the punk movement with ex-partner and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, Dame Vivienne Westwood has been redefining British fashion for over 40 years, and is responsible for creating many of the most distinctive looks of our time. The film blends archive with observational footage, and insightful interviews with Vivienne's fascinating network of collaborators, guiding us on her journey from a childhood in postwar Derbyshire to the runways of Paris and Milan.
This is an intimate and poignant homage to one of the true cultural icons of our time, as she fights to maintain her brand's integrity, her principles and her legacy in a business driven by consumerism, profit and global expansion.
, Dame Vivienne Westwood,
John Battsek, Shirine Best, Eleanor Emptage, Nicole Stott
Vivienne Westwood: Get a Life
British Films, Documentary, Special Interest
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80 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • Interview with Director Lorna Tucker
  • Deleted Scenes
  • 'In Bed with Vivienne' Short Film
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Reviews (2) of Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

So-so documentary about a diva who makes clothes. Meh... - Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist review by PV

Spoiler Alert

Without any Sex Pistols and Malcolm McClaren, Vivienne Westwood would be totally unkniwn. She basically just designs clothes and I have always hated that silly catwalk world where stern posing models where ridiculous clothes no-one will ever wear. No-one normal, that is.

Just boring. And annoying the doc gives no dates - birth, meeting McClaren, sons born etc. You need FACTS for something like this.

I watched half of this then turned off as it became all about this diva's latest collections and the Austrian poseur user she hooked up with.

And sometimes this woman is SO rude, demanding and ill-mannered it seems like she went to the Serena Williams finishing school. A horrible woman.

2 stars.

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Tremendous! - Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist review by SoniaGee

Spoiler Alert

Vivienne Westwood is so creative, not sticking to any pre-conceived fashion attitude and therefore disliked by people who must have then tried-and-tested way. Her tweeking (of what starts out like looking awful) becomes stunning! She is a modern wonder.

She is completely how she has always been. Direct, blunt, kind, honest and surprising, to encounter, the first time.

She stays independent so limiting her business growth, doing this to control the style that is her own. Without watering down.

Anyone at all interested in fashion must find this DVD fascinating.

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