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ARQ (2016)

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1h 28min
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In the near future, the oil supply has dried up resulting in a post-apocalyptic world in which energy wars have consumed the planet. This post-apocalyptic landscape is dominated by Torus, an evil corporation which has plundered the Earth’s energy resources, polluted the air, and created a world reeling from food and water shortages. It also commands standing armies, fighter drones, robot soldiers (ZMPs), and nukes. Standing in the way of its plan for world domination is the Bloc, an ill-equipped band of rebels that is led by a man called “The Pope”, but viewed with suspicion by a world population faced with a constant struggle for bare subsistence.
Meanwhile, Toros maintains that it is the true savior of humanity. The story then begins with Renton (Robbie Amell), an engineer who managed to escape the clutches of Torus, and Hannah (Rachael Taylor), who was not so fortunate and was left behind to be imprisoned and tortured by the evil organization. Reunited a few years later at his hideout, the young couple are suddenly awakened in the morning by three violent masked intruders seeking to steal his “scrips”, which presumably are the currency of the day, as well as a technology being developed by Renton, called ARQ. ARQ is designed to create unlimited energy and so put an end to the wars that have consumed humanity. It has also allowed him to power his home, air his generators, and grow plants. It soon becomes apparent that Renton’s turbine engine also inadvertently creates a closed time loop. Every three and a quarter hours, the home invasion is then endlessly repeated, beginning each time with the couple waking up at 6:16 am and reliving the violent episode all over again. Of course, this also gives Renton and Hannah the opportunity to repeat their actions and perfect a plan in which they can both escape their captors alive.
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Voiced By:
Jamie Spilchuk
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
88 minutes

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