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A collection of episodes that follow the Smurfs on sporting adventures...

1. The Smurfic Games (1983)
Following a narrow escape from the troublesome Azrael. Papa Smurf proposes the 'Smurfic Games' to shape up the Smurfs' athletic abilities. Meanwhile, Gargamel conjures up the evil powers of the Medallion of Poseidon which will threaten the Smurfs entire existence.
2. Smurf Box Derby (1984)
When Handy invents the first Smurfless Smurfmobile, Brainy inaugurates a race to determine which Smurf wagon is the smurfiest. Upon sight of this, Gargamel develops his own mode of transport in his ongoing quest to capture the Smurfs.
3. Mud Wrestling Smurfs (1985)
Clumsy is hailed a hero when he steps in to wrestle the mighty champion Mud Masher in order to stop the Wartmongers from draining the Smurfs water supply.
4. The Most Unsmurfy Games (1986)
Brainy tries to put his wilderness survival techniques to use. He leads an expedition group of Smurfs into the dark slimy swamp but they become hunting prey for King Bullrush and the Wartmongers. Can Brainy guide them back to the safety of the Smurf Village?
5. A Hole in Smurf (1987)
Golf fever hits Smurf Village and Handy and the Smurfs become distracted from their chores and responsibilities. This results in disastrous consequences and the Smurfs themselves become easy prey for the evil Gargamel. Has Gargamel finally got what he has always wanted?
6. Clumsy in Command (1988)
When Clumsy is asked to lead an expedition up the mountain, Brainy Smurf forms his own team and the expedition turns into a race. With determination and persistence, Clumsy and his team reach the summit first. But will Brainy and his team make it back down the mountain?
7. Karate Clumsy (1989)
The Smurfs stumble upon a deserted village in ancient Japan where they meet Mouse Master. He tells them of the mighty Ninja Rat who has enslaved the whole village and captured some of the Smurfs. In order to save his friends, Clumsy must learn karate, but will he be able to defeat the evil Ninja Rat?
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Gerard Baldwin, Paul Sabella, Bob Hathcock, Don Jurwich, Walt Kubiak
Voiced By:
Michael Bell, Lucille Bliss, William Callaway, Hamilton Camp, Julie McWhirter, June Foray, Danny Goldman, Kip King, Don Messick, Alan Oppenheimer, Lennie Weinrib, Frank Welker, Paul Winchell, Charlie Adler, Alan Young, Pat Fraley
Peyo, Yvan Delporte, Patsy Cameron, Tedd Anasti, Gerard Baldwin, John Bonaccorsi, John Bradford, Glenn Leopold, Sean Catherine Derek, Ernie Contreras, Reed Robbins, Dean Stefan, Jeff Segal, Mark Seidenberg, Kevin Hopps, Sharon Painter, Bill Matheny, Thomas J. Spath, Therese Naugle
The Smurfs - The Smurfic Games and Other Favourite Sporting Episodes
Fabulous Films
Anime & Animation, Children & Family, Kids’ TV
Release Date:
Run Time:
100 minutes
English LPCM Mono, English LPCM Stereo
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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