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He is one of the most hated men in history. A paranoid king some claim, who guarded his throne by terrorizing his subjects and murdering his rivals, even his own family. He has also been called the anti-Christ and even Satan himself. Most people know him from a brutal Bible story – The massacre of the Innocents, but his bloody reputation hides another side of King Herod the Great. He was an architectural mastermind. King Herod was the single most important figure in the archeology of Israel. He left and architectural imprint that's still visible today. Herod made the unthinkable routine.
From his imagination sprang fortresses, temples and cities so audacious they astound architects and engineers today. But Herod left a riddle that has eluded discovery for decades – where did he build his own tomb? Now a team of archeologists think they've found it. It may be the greatest archeological discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls. Just 12 miles from Jerusalem, Israeli archeologist Ehud Netzer has made one of the most important discoveries in Biblical history – the likely tomb of King Herod the Great. With exclusive rights to the excavation, National Geographic explores the archeological mystery that led to the tomb's discovery, and reveals the engineering genius behind one of the Bible's most notorious villains.
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