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E. J (Edwin John) Fancey is the sort of British film-maker whose efforts to provide entertainment on a minimal budget, and with a shooting schedule that may be best described as "break neck", were quite heroic. If few of his pictures could be described as 'polished' - Fancey's own office sometimes was called into service as a film-set - they do provide an invaluable look at the London landscape of the 1950's. This is a world of steam railways, dance halls and police inspectors arriving in the nick of time in their black Wolseley. As narratives, his various crime dramas and comedy revues often zip along.
A Fancey picture often benefitted from a strong cast; the Canadian actor Paul Carpenter, that British B-film stalwart, E J's daughter Adrianne Scott and even, with The Traitor, Sir Donald Wolfit. He also possessed a considerable ability to spot embryonic talent and emerging trends - Forces' Sweetheart features a rare cinematic appearance by Michael Bentine and in June 1957 Rock You Sinners became one of Britain's first rock and roll films. And who could resist the sight of Jackie Collins dancing to the sound of Tony Crombie and His Rockets?

Fighting Mad (1957)
A simple story of a Glaswegian ex-boxer who decides to start life afresh with his young bride in Canada and arrives in time to save his old uncle from being a victim of crime.
Action Stations (1957)
A forger flees to Spain to escape his criminal past, but is forced to return home when his daughter is kidnapped by a ruthless gang.
Hangman's Wharf (1950)
A doctor establishes a practice in Shadwell in the East End of London, but suspicion keeps the locals away. One night he is called out to an accident on a ship, but upon arrival he finds that no accident has actually occurred and instead he is framed for a murder.
Rock You Sinners (1957)
In the early days of rock and roll, a radio DJ stages a live rock 'n' roll show in order to persuade a television producer to commission a series.
Twinkling Fingers (1940)
This is a condensed digest featuring Mark Hambourg, the famous pianist and the musician bandleader Charlie Kunz - who worked with vocalists Vera Lynn and Dorothy Squires - in extracts from 'Talking Feet' (1937).
Down Among the Z Men (1952)
When the absent minded Prof. Osrick Purehart loses a secret military formula in a general store, mayhem ensues as two suspicious secret agents shadow the professor.
Forces' Sweetheart (1953)
Forces sweetheart, Judy James, is back in town and that means various admirers are showing up at the hotel where she stays.
Shadow of a Man (1955)
A town drunk, Paul, is found dead the morning after he and his wife celebrated their tenth anniversary out at a nightclub. Despite the initial verdict of heart failure as cause of death, the police reopen the case believing it be murder.
Who's Crazy (1950)
A documentary short featuring oddities from around Britain, featuring Charles Macey (the backwards walker) and knife thrower Wally Texan among others.
The Traitor (1957)
Col. Charles Price receives a phone call from a man claiming that one of the former German resistance group members gathered in his home is responsible for a friend's death.
Soho Conspiracy (1950)
The plans of a publicity agent to put on a charity concert are nearly wrecked by a legal representative who wants to take over a restaurant.
To-day and Every Day (1948)
This is a rare short informative film with some superb vintage footage of locomotives and stations in the UK, including Paddington. The film details the history of the locomotive in Britain and we get to see not only inside the trains but the entire experience from that time, from shovelling the coal on the footplate to the comfort of the passenger.
Swing Tease (1940)
Filmed at Rock Studios, Borehamwood. Hertfordshire, this is a condensed digest of musical acts from the feature 'Sing as You Swing' (1937).
, , , , , , , Mollie Looe, , , Barry Faber, Maureen Williamson, Harry Hearn, R.C. Huggins, , , , , , Colin Clemenson
, Denis Cavanagh, , ,
Edwin J. Fancey, Cecil H. Williamson, B C Fancey, Jeffrey S Kruger
Narrated By:
Frank Phillips
Lester Powell, Cecil H. Williamson, Edward Leversuch, Enrique Lanfranco, B.C. Fancey, Jimmy Grafton, Francis Charles, Paul Erickson, Michael McCarthy, Nicole Chavers Stratton, Brennan Klensch, Lisa Corsale
Renown Pictures
British Films, Action & Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Music & Musicals, Performing Arts, Special Interest, Sports & Sport Films, Thrillers
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638 minutes
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Region 0 (All)
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
B & W
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following:
1. Fighting Mad (1957)
2. Action Stations (1957)
3. Hangman's Wharf (1950)
4. Rock You Sinners (1957)
5. Twinkling Fingers (1940)
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following:
6. Down Among the Z Men (1952)
7. Force's Sweetheart (1953)
8. Shadow of a Man (1955)
9. Who's Crazy? (1950)
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following:
10. The Traitor (1957)
11. Soho Conspiracy (1950)
12. To-Day and Every Day (1948)
13. Swing Tease (1940)

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