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The Imperial War Museum Collection features rare and fascinating original films preserved in the Museum's archive. Many have never been released to the public before and are presented here, complete and uncut, for the very first time. These films are of great historical importance and are essential viewing for anyone interested in British military history. This collection features no less than nine stirring and inspirational films urging the nation to fight on and to preserve our British heritage and way of life.

Words for Battle (1941)
Laurence Olivier reads extracts from great works by the likes of Milton, Blake and Kipling, illustrated by inspirational film of both a timeless pastoral Britain and a modern armed Britain poised for war.
Lift Your Head, Comrade (1942)
A powerful propaganda piece looking at German and Austrian anti-fascists who have volunteered to service with the Pioneer Corps to help Britain its war against Germany.
The New Britain (1940)
This MOI production evokes the utopia that Britain could have become in the decades following the Great War, if only German fascism had not raised its head.
Worker and Warfront No.8 (1943)
Stanley Holloway provides the voiceover in this animated warning about a worker too tough to get his wounds checked - and who then contracts blood poisoning.
Britain at Bay (1940)
J. B. Priestley provides the commentary for a film produced immediately after the fall of France, celebrating British values and reminding us that, in the months ahead, Britain stands alone and at bay in guarding 'the future of the civilised world'.
Essential Jobs (1942)
A fascinating film showing how all unglamorous jobs actually contribute to the war effort.
Albert's Savings (1940)
Stanley Holloway delivers an 'Albert'-style monologue as he persuades the nation to invest in Savings Certificates for the war effort.
A Diary for Tomothy (1945)
Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud and Myra Hess contribute to Humphrey Jennings' impressionistic portrait of a Britain finally poised to celebrate the end of the war.
New Towns for Old (1942)
An MOI film looking at urban regeneration in the fictional industrial town of 'Smokedale'.
J B Priestley, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
, , , , , Harold Purcell,
Ian Dalrymple, Alexander Shaw, Paul Rotha, William H. Williams, Basil Wright
Voiced By:
Laurence Olivier, Stanley Holloway, J B Priestley, Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud, Myra Hess, Neal Arden
Narrated By:
Laurence Olivier, Stanley Holloway, Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud, Myra Hess, Neal Arden
Dylan Thomas, E.M. Forster, Edgar Marriott, V.S. Pritchett, Arthur Koestler, Grahame Greene, E.C. Bentley, Reg Groves, J.B. Priestley, Marriott Edgar
Britain's Home Front at War: Words for Battle
DD Home Entertainment
British TV, TV Documentaries, TV Political
British WWII Films: The Home Front and Europe, Top 10 British War Films (1939-45)
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Run Time:
96 minutes
English LPCM Mono
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Region 0 (All)
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
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