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With German troops being forced to retreat on the Eastern front in the late summer of 1944, there is growing panic in Eastern Germany and German lands held in central Europe. Lena (Maria Furtwängler) the young Baroness returns to visit her terminally ill father. The Count welcomes Lena and his granddaughter Vicky (Stella Kunkat) to their ancestral castle estate in Eastern Prussia for the first time, for her sake only in curbing his resentment against his daughter heiress Lena, who left eight years ago, preferring her illegitimate child over his offer of an arranged wedding with count Heinrich (Tonio Arango).
Lena begins to build a close friendship with Ferdinand (Max von Thun) an idealistic and now disillusioned and cynical German field officer who resents her meddling father as much as he resents the Third Reich. Lena starts to busy herself with running the war shortages programme effecting their family estate. They are dependent on French POW's as conscripted laborers as she desperately tries to protect the families who all depend on them. But as the Soviet advance becomes undeniably obvious and reports of revenge atrocities on Germans spread Lena begins to work out a plan with the estate workers French POW leader François (Jean-Yves Berteloot), a plan that is full of danger but one that might save their community and her daughter. In the bitter winter month of January 1945 and with the help of François and Ferdinand they lead the whole estate community on a perilous daring run towards the West aware of the Nazi order that all 'deserters' are to be shot, including civilians. They now become a part of the biggest mass exodus of World War II. A life and death journey with high stakes as their convey is harassed and attacked on all fronts by both fanatical Nazis and the vengeful Red Army. This is a true story from WWII on an epic scale.
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Katrin Goetter, Joachim Kosack, Nico Hofmann
Voiced By:
Waléra Kanischtscheff
Gabriela Sperl
March of Millions - A WWII story of an unparalleled mass exodus / Die Flucht
IMC Vision
Action & Adventure, Drama, Thrillers
Release Date:
Run Time:
180 minutes
German Dolby Digital 2.0
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
Disc 1:
This disc includes First Part
Disc 2:
This disc includes Second Part

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Reviews (1) of March of Millions

Watchable 2 part 3 hour miniseries about Germans fleeing west Poland/east prussia in 1944/5 - March of Millions review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I really enjoyed this, but no idea why 2 x 90 minute dramas of a Tv series cannot be on one DVD.

From the producers of the excellent German language ROMMEL and the superior German Valkyrie movie (watch if you only know the inferior Tom Hanks one) and from cast members of Berlin Babylon, Deutschland 83, and the superb 2013 TV miniseries Generation War.

Arguably part one is stronger. But it is hard to dramatise refugees fleeing - the German language original title means THE FLIGHT.

Let down a bit maybe by a focus on the aristocratic female main character's love life interest - but possibly as it was written by a woman, this is of more interest to women, as it's all a bit Mills and Boon. I felt the film sagged at those points. And the focus on the aristocrats - 2 families - is deliberate. Mills and Boon romances often do the same as does period drama (Bridgerton etc)

This is set in what is referred to as East Prussia in 1944-5. Yet it was Prussia, Then when Prussia was no more it became the west of Poland - and that is why Hitler invaded Poland. Central Europe is full of changing borders and populations and always has been. There were ethnic Germans in that area and northern Bohemia too - the Sudetenland and many more areas. Many central/eastern European countries have these ethnic populations who speak other languages - like ethnic Russians in the east of Moldova, bordering western Ukraine. A real headache and cause of wars really.

SO what can happen is populations just have to leave - as the exchange between Greece and Turkey of ethnic populations in 1923 at Smyrna.

Here the Soviets winning the war from the east, so push into 'East Prussia', reminds me of the end of Generation War (Classic drama, 5 stars)

Some great scenes and characters - the loyal Nazi teenager Fritz and the forced labourers, Polish, Russian, French.

There is an old black and white Russian film about Napoleon's invasion where the Russians fire cannon at the ice on a lake into which the doomed attacking soldiers fall - and that has influenced all such scenes in later films, one is in this mini-series.

This film shows both German and Soviet brutality too. The war scenes are impressive if horrific.

The subtitles are often dodgy, with the weirdest translation of SILENT NIGHT I have ever seen, about a baby with curly hair. NO idea where that came from. Not the usual English lyric.

So altogether a good watch, but a tad too sickly sweet romantic soppy for me, 4 stars.

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