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A triple bill of Hong Kong action classics from director Andrew Lau (Wai Keung Lau).

The Stormriders (1998) The most eagerly awaited Hong Kong movie event, boasting Hong Kong's highest ever production budget and box office take. It is a visually stunning epic blend of swordplay, explosive martial arts and breathtaking special effects to create the ultimate final fantasy.
A Man Called Hero (1999) Set in New York, 1930. Sword (Nicholas Tse) arrives from China in search of his father, Hero (Ekin Cheng), who fled to the United States fifteen years ago, after gangsters murdered many members of his family. Sword soon meets Monk Luohan (Ken Lo), an old friend of his father's, who tells how they travelled to New York and found work with a mining company owned by the gangsters who murdered Hero's family. Will Hero find a way of taking his revenge? Will Sword ever find his father? The Duel (2000) The elusive "Sword Saint" (Andy Lau) requests a duel with "God of Sword" (Ekin Cheng") at the Apex of the Forbidden City, to see who is the world's finest swordsman. As the date of the duel nears, however, troubles soon befall The Imperial City, from surprise attacks to a daring conspiracy against the Emperor, until everything is revealed at the climactic, spectacular fight.
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Barbie Tung, Manfred Wong, Wong Jing
Manfred Wong, Wong Jing
Action & Adventure, Classics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Hong Kong, Action & Adventure, Classics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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347 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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Director,,s Cut
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International Version
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Reviews (1) of The Stormriders Trilogy

Big Budget Balderdash - The Stormriders Trilogy review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

With characters who go by such monikers as Wind, Cloud, Mud Buddha, Fire Monkey, Conquer, Charity, and so on, the only fight worthy of the name in this big budget stinker is the one at which character has the most laughable name. The special effects are anything but special, the fight scenes too short and far from spectacular and the plot has more holes than West Ham's defence. To top it all, halfway through the film it turns into a 5 minute MTV-like music video which I had to fast forward. I need to watch a Jackie Chan or Jet Li film to get rid of the horrible aftertaste.

Unfortunately, I must give it a 1 as there is no 0 available.

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