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One of the most popular screen Western ever made, this Academy Award-winning classic blends adventur, romance and comedy to tell the true story of the West's most likeable outlaws. No-one is quicker then Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) when it comes to get rich quick schemes, and his sidekick Sundance (Robert Redford) is a wizard with a gun. When these two bungling bank and train robbers tire of running from the law, they set out for Bolivia with Sundance's girlfriend (Katherine Ross). Though they can barely speak enough Spanish to communicate: "This is a stick-up!", that's only a minor detail to the two nicest "bad-guys" who ever rode the West.
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John Foreman
William Goldman
Burt Bacharach, Don Hall, Conrad Hall, John C Howard, Richard C Meyer, David Dockendorf, William Edmundson, William Edmondson, Hal David
20th Century Fox
Action & Adventure, Classics, Drama
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1970 Oscar Best Original Screen Play

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  • Commentary by Director George Roy Hill, Lyricist Hal David, Documentary Director Robert Crawford Jr. and Cinematographer Conrad Han
  • Commentary by Screenwriter William Goldman
  • All of What Follows Is True: The Making of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Documentary
  • The Wild Bunch: The True Tale of Butch and Sundance Featurette
  • Deleted Scene with Optional Director's Commentary
  • Original Teaser and Trailers

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Reviews (4) of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Timeless gem - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid review by JD

Spoiler Alert

This is undoubtedly the best western ever made. If you haven't watched it recently it does not fade with age. If you have never watched it, this is how to make a western. It is about a gang of outlaws who rob from trains and banks. There are moments that rival "you're only supposed to blow the ******* doors off" with stunts that although straight forward beat any car pile up for thrill. The characters are marvelous and have a great dry humour. Newman and Redford never did anything better (and unfortunately quite a few things that were not so good). Arguably the best and most memorable ending of any film.

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What a dissapointment - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid review by AF

Spoiler Alert

I never did see this film when it first came out, and understood that I had missed one of the "best films ever" and so was delighted to be able to catch up and right this error ! Well, talk about dissapointed, and unless you are a born Robert Redford addict , don't bother, its boring and if you think about it, they were actually, two pretty nasty blokes who get their just deserts in the end, are we really interested ? Also what is the bicycle scene all about ? I think I fell asleep on the sofa, thats how exciting it was.

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Classic - A Must Watch - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid review by GI

Spoiler Alert

A classic and one of those films that everyone should try and see. A western that is structured like a Shakespearean tragedy with lovely dollops of good humour mostly thanks to the inspired pairing of Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the title roles. Their bickering and banter but thoroughly devoted friendship is the soul of the film. Based on true events this is also a revisionist film, it mixes fact with myth and legend beginning with a sepia tinted credited sequence that is like an early silent film, continuing into a prologue that sets the tone as a traditional western before moving into full colour to tell the main story. It debunks much of the western tropes of the film genre and becomes much more historical drama as the story progresses. Newman plays Butch, the outlaw with loads of ideas and who leads a gang of bank & train robbers. His best friend is the quiet Sundance (Redford), who goes along with Butch's plans even as he fears they will be their downfall. After a train robbery goes awry the two find themselves relentlessly pursued by committed bunch of lawmen and so flee to Bolivia to continue their trade. The script is witty and the film deliberately subverts what you might expect from a simple western outlaw film. For example Sundance is lightening fast with his gun but never gets to use the skill other than in a job interview and Butch's enthusiasm camouflages that he really has no clue who to do (on their first Bolivian bank robbery they suddenly find they can't speak the language!). With Katherine Ross supporting as the woman who accompanies them on their adventures this is a really wonderful film, funny, sad and with some very memorable scenes (their escape by jumping from a cliff being a very famous one). A must see film so even if you aren't attracted by westerns try this you will be very pleasantly surprised.

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