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1h 40min
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Alice is a snotty sixteen year old with an attitude problem, particularly towards her oddball neighbour Professor Dayton, an inventor and quite possibly, a mad scientist. Then her dad buys a strange remote control that seems to affect time and space. Everytime her Dad presses a button the real world changes, and so does she, all for the worse...Is Alice getting her just rewards or is it juts her perception of things?

The Radio
Jerry is a part-time security guard, full-time loser. He has no goals or dreams other than drink himself senseless and listen to the radio. When his radio breaks down he buys a used one from a street vendor. He soon discovers that this is no ordinary radio. Not only can it have a conversation with him but it can tell him to get wealthy. Jerry obeys his new 'friend', to the point he does truly terrible things. Yet his undoing may not be actions but his crush for Eva, a prostitute.

Call Girl
Rachael is a sexy, savvy, serial killer with a taste for men looking for paid sex. Victor is a sexy, savvy vampire with a taste for call girls? A match of titans?

The Professors Wife
A lifelong bachelor, Professor Dayton announces he's going to get married. He's such a prankster nobody believes him at first, including his two favourite students, John and Charles. then they meet his fiance Kathy - a perfect young blonde with a sexy accent - and they have no doubt that he's pulling their leg - again. They decide it's their turn to pull a fast one on the joke-seeking professor, and they set out to 'dismantle' Kathy.

Haunted Dog
Dr. Farwell has no bedside manners. As a matter of fact he doesn't give a damn about his patients: all he cares about is partying! His uncaring ways get him into supernatural trouble when he unwittingly causes the death of a transient, Cliffe, with a contaminated hot dog. From that moment on he has no peace as Cliffe starts haunting him around the clock. Then again, the good doc may be taking too many self-prescribed medications?
, Kris Allen, Stephanie Pettee, , Ryan Carty
Anchor Bay
Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date:
Run Time:
100 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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