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Korean War vet and retired autoworker Walt Kowalski doesn't much like how his life or his neighbourhood has turned out. He especially doesn't like the people next door, Hmong immigrants from Southeast Asia. But events force Walt to defend those neighbours against a local gang that feeds on violence and fear.
, Bee Vang, , , , , , , , , Brooke Chia Thao, Chee Thao, , , Xia Soua Chang, Sonny Vue, , , ,
Nick Schenk, Dave Johannson
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112 minutes
English, Italian
Arabic, Dutch, English, English Hard of Hearing, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Italian Hard of Hearing
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.40:1
  • Manning the Wheef: The Meaning of Manhood as Reflected in American Car Culture
  • Gran Torino: More Than a Car: Visit Detroit and the Woodward Dream Cruise, an Annual Vintage Car Event where Buffs Describe the Unique bond Between Men and Vehicles
Release Date:
Run Time:
116 minutes
  • Manning the Wheel: the meaning of manhood as reflected by the american car culture
  • Gran Torino: More Than a Car: visit Detroit and the woodward dream cruise, an annual vintage car event where buffs describe the unique bond between men and vehicles
  • The Eastwood Way: exploring the actor/director's filmmaking process up close

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Reviews (8) of Gran Torino

More than just revenge - Gran Torino review by CP Customer

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Gran Torino is another superb film from Clint, offering so much more than revenge as its main theme. This emotional rollercoaster will have you laughing, cringing at Walt's outdated racist views and being touched by the generosity of others. The film is noticeable for its lack of music, special effects and those explosions that dominate most films nowadays. Gang culture plays a part in proceedings, but the film also looks at how we treat the elderly and our greed towards possessions being left behind. Guilt also features, as Walt comes to terms with his past and the decline of his neighbourhood and family. It may be too late to save everything, but he can build some bridges and repair some damage. If this does turn out to be his last appearance as an actor, then its a fitting end to a marvellous career.

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Grand Entertainment - Gran Torino review by CP Customer

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Clint is fab as the grumpy neighbourhood old timer who ends up being a hero. Gentle humour throughout and a very watchable film that comes highly recommended.

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Classic Eastwood - Gran Torino review by DB

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This is classic angry man turns good Eastwood. He does it so well and for any Clint fans it's a must. I liked it a lot even though it's predictable in a lot of ways although the ending was unexpected. Clint doesn't pull any punches in this living on the edge man takes law into his own hands movie but it also has a lot of pathos and you empathise with the characters. There's some good moments but it's very much in the Eastwood mould and so it's definitely worth a look.

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