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Set in the cold, dangerous landscapes of Alaska, 'Feed the Devil' is a dark supernatural horror that will chill you to the bone. Lured to a cold wasteland by the promise of easy money, Marcus (Jared Cohn) takes his sister and her friend on a dangerous trip into an ancient forest that according to ancient Indian legend is haunted. The trip soon becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse as Marcus must battle the ancient evil forces that are determined not to let them leave alive.
, , Victoria Curtain, Brandon Perrault, Nahka Bertrand, , Marco Collin, Nicholas B. York, , Alan Harrington, , , Jonathan David Orr, Serge Patry, Daniel Tuira, Ken Warren Gunn, Mary Sharky, Conrad Simon, Christophe Personnaz,
Valerie Gagnon, Tom George, Max Perrier
Matthew Altman, Max Perrier
High Fliers Video Distribution
Release Date:
Run Time:
91 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (1) of Feed the Devil

A nasty piece of work - and that's just the central character. Mild spoilers ... - Feed the Devil review by NP

Spoiler Alert

If you are taking a trip to the snowy forests of Alaska, or indeed anywhere at all, then this film's lead Marcus (Jared Cohn) possesses every trait you would be wise to leave at home. I'm no prude, but every sentence simply has to be littered with the f-word, every word has to be squealed out in the most petulant way possible, and every overtly aggressive gesture is just begging for the little weasel to receive the best kicking available. His sister and her friend, not hugely appealing themselves, have my every sympathy for having to spend time with this absolute tool, as he searches for marijuana plants. That's right, he is an excessive weed smoker, and that may be the reason he is portrayed in this manner. Rather than being stoned and laid back, he is forever in the midst of a temper tantrum as he travels to locate more marijuana. Don't do drugs, kids - is that the message - or you'll become a boorish loudmouth like Marcus? Have I said enough to convey how appalling this character is? To be honest, I doubt it. I'm not sure any one character has tempted me to turn off a film before, at least not for a long time. Only the nicely filmed locations, occasionally spooky isolated atmosphere, and the furious hope that I'll see Marcus suffer stop me giving up on this.

There are some moments of gore, or more specifically, meat. There are also some nicely shot moments of jeopardy for our leading man who, after carelessly losing his co-travellers and has no-one to talk to, does us the favour of keeping his gob shut. Overwhelmingly, though, this is a choppy, curiously edited film. Things happen, events occur, nothing moves forward. And then suddenly, it ends. The storyline, which is not unlike Adam Nevill's 'The Ritual' in places, doesn't really pick up momentum. I admire director and co-writer Max Perrier for appearing to try something different with his approach to this (and the excellent score by Miksa Kovek adds further layers to the horror), but his abhorrent main character tests the patience, and the rest of the production isn't consistent enough to make amends for that.

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