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Bust out your Austin 3:16 shirt, strike a 5-second pose, heat up a delicious slice of pie and count down to Y2J all over again with "The Attitude Era". Go back to the days of dysfunction, disorder, and defiance. When radical antiheroes ditched 'saying their prayers and taking their vitamins' for opening up a can of whoop ass and laying the SmackDown; when rebels ruled the airwaves and PG stood for 'puppies and grapefruits'. This 3-disc slobber-knocker is packed with all the action that pushed censors to new limits, shattered cable TV ratings and crushed WWE's competition like a Spanish announcer's table.

- The Austin/McMahon rivalry
- The invention of Hell In A Cell, TLC, Brawl For All and more!
- The revamping of Superstars entrance music All the top WWE Superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley (all 3 of them!), DX, Undertaker, Edge and Christian, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, The McMahons, Kane, APA, Sable, Goldust, Val Venis and many more!
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Documentary, Sports & Sport Films
Release Date:
Run Time:
424 minutes
English, French, German
English Hard of Hearing
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • GTV: AI Snow and Head
  • Mae Young Gives Birth
  • RAW - 28th February, 2000
  • WWE Women's Championship Match
  • Lita vs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
  • RAW - 12th June, 2000
  • The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz
  • RAW - 17th July, 2000
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following Matches:
- Jim Ross Interviews Goldust and Marlena
Raw - 3rd November, 1997
- Stone Cold Steve Austin Throws the Intercontinental Championship off a Bridge
Raw - 15th December, 1997
- Soldier of Love
Raw - 4th May, 1998
- Mr. McMahon Presents Mankind with the WWE Hardcore Championship
Raw - 2nd November, 1998
- Jim Ross Interviews Triple H
Sunday Night Heat - 25th July, 1999
- An Evening at the Friendly Tap
SmackDown - 20th January, 2000
- Mae Young and the Acolyte Protection Agency
SmackDown - 27th January, 2000
- "The Jug Band"
Judgment Day - 21st May, 2000
- Triple H Trains Trish Stratus
SmackDown - 27th July, 2000
- Edge's Totally Awesome Birthday
Raw - 30th October, 2000
- The Rock's Message to His Hell In A Cell Opponents
Raw - 4th December, 2000
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following Matches:
- Mike Tyson Joins DX
Raw - 2nd March, 1998
- A New Beginning for D-Generation X
Raw - 30th March, 1998
- Sable vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero
Raw - 11th May, 1998
- Nation of Degeneration
Raw - 6th July, 1998
- Brawl For All Match
Bart Gunn vs. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
Raw - 27th July, 1998
- Four Corners Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane and Mankind vs. The New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock and Owen Hart
Raw - 10th August, 1998
- Lion's Den Match
Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart
SummerSlam - 30th August, 1998
- Finals of WWE Championship Tournament
The Rock vs. Mankind
Survivor Series - 15th November, 1998
- The Rock and Undertaker vs. Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw - 7th December, 1998
- Austin Gives the Corporation a Beer Bath
Raw - 22nd March, 1999
- WWE Championship Match
Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw - 28th June, 1999
- The Debut ofY2J
Raw - 9th August, 1999
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following Matches:
- European and Intercontinental Championship Match
D'Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett
SummerSlam - 22nd August, 1999
- Buried Alive Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Rock and Mankind vs. Undertaker and Big Show
SmackDown - 9th September, 1999
- Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross vs. Triple H and Chyna
Raw - 11th October, 1999
- Boss Man's Sympathy for Big Show's Dad
Raw - 8th November, 1999
- The Wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Andrew "Test" Martin
Raw - 29th November, 1999
- The Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs. Too Cool
SmackDown - 27th January, 2000
- WWE Hardcore Championship Match
Hardcore Holly vs. Crash Holly
Raw - 27th March, 2000
- WWE European Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero
Raw - 3rd April, 2000
- Steel Cage Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rikishi vs. Val Venis
Fully Loaded - 23rd July, 2000
- Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the World Tag Team Championship
Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz
SummerSlam - 27th August, 2000
- Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Rikishi
Armageddon - 10th December, 2000
- Exclusive Extras
Release Date:
Run Time:
509 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, German Dolby Digital 2.0
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
BLU-RAY Regions:
  • 85 Minutes of Exclusive Extras!
Disc 1:
This disc includes first part of the main feature
- Special Features
Disc 2:
This disc includes second part of the main feature
- Special Features

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