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From the writing team behind the vicious 'n' delicious New York Ripper and Ruggero Deodato, the director of the hunger-inducing Cannibal Holocaust, comes this star filled frenzy of brutal vengeance. Michael York (Austin Powers) stars as piano virtuoso Robert Dominici who suddenly contracts a devastating disease that ages him rapidly. With death closing in fast a decaying Robert abandons tinkling the ivories to instead embark on an arpeggio of vicious slaughter upon anyone who finds out about his impending gruesome fate! Closing in fast to try and end this crescendo of violence is Police Inspector Datti, played by the seasoned psychopath chasing Donald Pleasance (Halloween).
Will he solve this mystery? Not before you've enjoyed a long and lingering symphony of superbly gory set pieces!
, , , , , , , , Daniele Brado, , , Renata Dal Pozzo, , , , , , , ,
Pietro Innocenzi
Gianfranco Clerici, Vincenzo Mannino, Gigliola Battaglini
Un delitto poco comune
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers
Top 10 Films Set in Venice, Top Films
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Run Time:
88 minutes
English Dolby Digital 1.0
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Region 0 (All)
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (2) of Phantom of Death

Interesting but a waste of Fenech and Pleasence. - Phantom of Death review by NP

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By 1988, giallos had been around for a long time and had understandably passed their peak. Here we have a good concoction of the usual ingredients - a whispering voice on the phone, a shambling police agent and some gory set-pieces set amidst elegant backdrops.

Directed by Ruggero 'Cannibal Holocaust' Deodato, this production is a showcase for the lesser appeals of the 1980s. An occasional backdrop of soulless, Linn-drum 'pop' music that typified the latter half of that decade and outsized shoulder pads and garish colourful fashion, and an expansive gloss that reminds me of the increasingly preposterous America soap giants like 'Dallas' and 'Dynasty' - luckily the three leads are not too blighted by such elements.

Dependable Michael York plays lady-magnet and pianist Robert Dominisci as well as he plays all his roles; Edwige Fenech has nothing much to do as Hélène Martell, his stunning girlfriend and a disinterested Donald Pleasence shuffles around as Inspector Datti, forever on the trail of the mysterious killer. His performance falls because he has no character, and his rant in the street ("You murdering b******! I kill you! I kill you!") amidst shoppers who don't bat and eyelid, is very odd in particular.

Pino Donaggio's score is good, but doesn't possess the stirring majesty of Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai, and the smooth veneer of the production takes away many elements that personified giallo films at their peak. As such, this leans towards police procedural featuring a sympathetic, deformed killer, albeit with some beautiful locations. Dominisci's Jekyll/Hyde-like degeneration has a tragic permanence to it. Sadly for Datti, here is a criminal who did everything he could to get caught - and still the inspector failed to catch him.

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Has its moments - Phantom of Death review by sb

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FILM & REVIEW Fairly effective late period Giallo slasher. York plays Robert a dashing and successful concert pianist whose doctor has him diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Meanwhile someone is butchering young women with Pleasence’s copper on the case. He is convinced it’s one killer but wintness’s decribe a man of every increasing ages. It’s soon revelealed to be Robert whose body is aging at an accelerating pace - decades are added in mere weeks and this drives him insane with a rage at all things young and beautiful. What lifts the film is York’s performance with some very creepy make up - he knows what he is doing is wrong and invests a real pathos into the character. Add is some effective locations in Venice and some spectacularly baroque murders and you do have something worth a viewing - 3.5/5

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