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Lacie Donovan (Tuckie White) suffers from a problem that is all too common for college students: an empty wallet. With semester break at hand, a flyer on the campus bulletin board offering $1,000 for medical research volunteers could not have been posted at a better time. Lacie, her friend Killian (Matthew Lucki) and half a dozen other participants sign up for the 3-day experiment. Unfortunately, they've unknowingly volunteered their bodies as human guinea pigs in an ongoing U.S. Military experiment aimed at developing a bioweapon...
, , , , , , Amanda Cowper, , Leah Crouthamel, , Zack Hawkins, Scott Hernandez, Lily Hex, Alja Jackson, , Cory S. Lewis, Brandon Lloyd, , ,
David McElroy
Timothy Christian, David McElroy, Marc Menet, Christopher D. Parker, Denise Smith
David McElroy, Marc Menet
The Removed / After Effect
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88 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (1) of Patient Z: The Infected

Spoilers follow ... - Patient Z: The Infected review by NP

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Of all the gratuitous scenes of gore horror has provided us with, there’s little that makes me wince more than a close-up of a needle going in to someone’s arm and drawing blood. This and other tests are carried out on hard-up student Lucie Donovan (Tuckie White) as she applies to be accepted in what appears to be Top Secret research tests. She meets others in the group who are made up of the usual mix of agreeable and wince-inducing in manner. One by one, they are called into the relevant surgery for ‘treatment’ … and don’t come out again. Naturally, Donovan is left till last, sitting on her own.

The reactions to the resulting degradation and horrors are sadly expected. A torrent of ‘WTF, man?’ and testosterone-flooded males squaring up to each other. Whether this is the results of the treatment, or whether they are just resorting to base alpha-male instincts is unclear, but it doesn’t make riveting viewing.

The military experiment results in the various victims bleeding profusely and becoming ‘zombie-lites’. And ‘lite’ describes this film really. It is played well enough but there is nothing here that hasn’t been seen before, and often without the playground histrionics of many of the characters.

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