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Lorenzo (Angelo Mutti Spinetta) is a good and studious teenager who lives with his family in a small town in Patagonia. One day his father decides to help out an old friend by offering his son to stay with them for a while. The young and handsome Caito (Lautaro Rodríguez) arrives, mysterious and rebellious. Lorenzo is at first suspicious of Caito but gradually the boys form a bond without suspecting the consequences of this new friendship...but Caito has a secret...and maybe Lorenzo too...
, , , , Benicio Mutti Spinetta, Romana Aleksandra Gulich, Renata Lizzi, Maite Valero, Irina Misisco, , Franco Picciano, Joaquín Borovich, Christian Ferrara, Valentin Oliva, Manuel Estrach, Santiago Manera, Elana Murgia, Florencia Gillette, Cristian Encina
Martín Deus
Pablo Ingercher Casas, Daniel Pensa, Miguel Angel Rocca
Martín Deus
Mi Mejor Amigo
Matchbox Films
Drama, Lesbian & Gay, Romance
Argentina, Drama, Lesbian & Gay, Romance
Release Date:
Run Time:
87 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.39:1
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Reviews (3) of My Best Friend

Tender - My Best Friend review by TB

Spoiler Alert

This is such a tender coming-of-age story with real sensitivity created by the actors; especially the two young actors playing Lorenzo and Caito.

It focuses beautifully on a friendship that grows with understanding, trust, sensitivity and love. The problems that Caito is dealing with brings him and Lorenzo close and despite Lorenzo having issues of his own, he puts them aside and wants nothing but to care and be there for Caito.

The acting is solid and the coming-of-age issues that teenagers have are delicately woven in with the everyday issues of the worrying and concerned parents to give a solid and engaging storyline.

The relationship between Lorenzo and Caito and the clear underlying and growing affection that Lorenzo has for his friend is what makes this film really tender and great to watch.

The final scenes real do tug at your emotions, which is testimony to the effective deliver of the story by the great young actors. 

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Leaving it unsaid - My Best Friend review by PL

Spoiler Alert

Very simple, a bit slow but sweet film. It builds on their relationship but it's the kind of film that leaves things unsaid rather than being obvious. It's about feelings and moments, the age where innocent starts to fade away. Really interesting but some moments are a bit too cheesy (especially towards the end).

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The Awakening - My Best Friend review by KW

Spoiler Alert

Interesting film about Lorenzo, a teenager living in Patagonia, who has his sights awakened by the arrival of Caito, the son of his fathers one time best friend, and who opens Lorenzo to a new take on life. Not sure whether some of the impact the film was trying to make got lost in the sub tiles not being a native Spanish speaker. Good to look at and the chemistry between Lorenzo and Caito held the film together.

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