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When confronted with his past and present, will Phil (Louis Hofmann) fight - or take flight? After a summer away at camp, Phil returns home to find that his mother, Glass (Sabine Timoteo), and twin sister, Dianne (Ada Philine Stappenbeck), aren't speaking to one another. Not willing to confront his family during the last days of the summer holidays, Phil escapes to hang out with his best friend, eating ice cream and playing dress-up. As the school year begins, a new student arrives - the handsome and mysterious Nicholas (Jannik Schümann). Smitten, Phil watches his crush as he runs around the track afterschool, and is thrilled when Nicholas returns his feelings.
However, when first love's volatility comes to light, realizes he must deal with the problems of his past, in order to deal with the issues of his present.
, , , , , , Clemens Rehbein, , , , ,
Boris Schönfelder
Jakob M. Erwa, Andreas Steinhöfel
Die Mitte der Welt
Matchbox Films
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110 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.39:1
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Reviews (4) of Centre of My World

lovely warm coming of age film - Centre of My World review by TN

Spoiler Alert

this was a lovely coming of age film which didnt just centre on the coming out of the twin to a friend at school but also had a very engaging family storyline. very watchable

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A poetic masterpiece!! - Centre of My World review by TB

Spoiler Alert

Wow, wow, wow. I loved this film.

Fantastically filmed and put together to create a masterpiece that truly immersed you into the depths of each character and the unfolding storyline. It’s was so much more than just a coming of age film, as it was about family, childhood, love, heartbreak, anger and cleverly fitted a whole families life and tribulations into a movie that was just under two hours. The film switching back and forth from present to past allowed the film to give depth to each character and the overriding storyline with such realistic emotions.

The acting was superb and had me feeling an array of emotions while watching it. This is a must watch!!!

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Dysfunctional Family Life - Centre of My World review by KW

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Interesting film about a pair of twins, there mother, living in a rambling castle style house in Germany, and the coming to terms with puberty, first love's, not having a father figure, and a mother who adores men but seems reluctant to ever settle down. Add to the mix a strained relationship between mother and daughter, the son falling for a classmate and in the process has to learn that life comes with some hard knocks. Well acted by the principals but for me there was something lacking that stopped the film from reaching its goal.

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